the maine

One day, when I was like a senior in high school, The Maine played a show at Avalon Theater with Family Force Five. I had found The Maine a while earlier while browsing Purevolume, and seeing them featured on the main page. I saw the picture of them that looked much like this:

John is in the front and I kind of fell in love with him when I saw this picture. So what did I do? Looked them up and loved their music! My best friend, Megan, started loving them too. So when they decided to visit Salt Lake we were quite pleased.

We went to the Avalon excited as ever. When we got in we waited. Then we waited. Then the opening band came on. Then we waited. The the peeps started setting up for The Maine. And behold, I saw John sticking his head out through a window above the stage. That's when Megan and I started freaking out. It was John! From The Maine!

Can you blame me for being in love with this man? If you can, then you've got terrible style in men. Which, I guess is okay.
So they came on in all their glory and daaang it was good. They didn't swear, they played well.

This is the moment when I noticed Kennedy, the guitarist...

I could have dare said there weren't many men more attractive than this one. There he was, playing his guitar and looking fine.

They played my six favorite songs from their album The Way We Talk, because, that was their only album. And there was only six songs on that album.A fter their rather intriguing performance they slowly trickled out into the crowd while Family Force Five set up. Pat came out first and Megan went up to him and said, "Pat!" and he gave her a hug. We both talked to him, took a picture with him, and got his autograph. Then came Kennedy. When I asked for a picture with him, we posed and he rubbed my back. It was so exciting!

Megan got a hug from Patrick and I got a back rub from Kennedy!

Then we talked to Jared, and best of all, John. Oh John. He was gorgeous. And tall.

Kennedy, Megan, John, me

We couldn't find Garrett, the bassist, and we need him to complete our autographed cd's and get a picture. John said he'd text him, and it worked! He wasn't as friendly as the others, but after seeing John and Kennedy, I didn't really care.

Upon our completion of meeting every member of The Maine we walked outside while the lady at the front told us, "No reentry". And we said, "Heck if we care!" (Back then, I didn't know Family Force Five or I would have stayed).

We were just so excited about meeting The Maine that we ran out to my car, got in, and started screaming and laughing and squealing for about 5 minutes. We were FREAKING out. It was hilarious and a bit weird. Basically, it was the best concert ever. And it's really held that Top 1 for a while now, even though I don't like them very much anymore. It was really just the most exciting concert I've ever been to. Until recently, New Empire stole the prize. It only took that long because it takes a lot for me to giggle and squeal like a little girl who just found out the cute boy in the class has a crush on her.

Yep. I loved The Maine. But they broke my heart by adding gross words to their songs and shows. They started swearing up the wazoo and it really cheesed me off. Their fame got to them, and their music went a little bit shizzy. I am so sad.

Anyways, I think I might do some more reminiscing of my high school and early collegehood days. Because it's fun. And I was so different then. But also kind of the same. In ways.



Who's got talent?

I hope you exclaimed, "I do!"

Cause if you didn't, then you need to start getting talents. Or just realizing the ones you have.

A Monday night or two ago, I thought I had talent. Enough to share with the whole ward. My friend, Jason, thought he had talent too. So we combined our so called talents, and played in something called a talent show.

It was fun.

Jason and I, we sound as good as we look. So if you think we're ugly, then you'd probably think we suck, too. However, if you think we're kinda pretty, then you'd probably think we have some musical talents.

You decide.

We played 8 songs.

I know. It took up most of the talent show. Except for it really didn't because we mushed 8 songs into one. Including:

In My Head (Jason Derulo)
We Found Love (Rihanna)
Opposite of Adults (Chiddy Bang)
Eenie Meenie (Sean Kingston + Biebs)
Where Them Girls (I dunno)
Dynamite (Taio Cruz)
Love Story (T Swift)
Baby (Biebs)

The only people that got sick of it were the ones that hate Biebs. And since my voice sounds exactly like his, they hated it.

I'm sure you can see the resemblance, even though I have longer bangs.

I like performing. I really do. My body, however, doesn't love it.

It's funny. My mind wasn't nervous at all. But once we started playing my voice got a bit shaky and even my hands. My favorite thing that happens when I perform is my right leg that holds up my guitar starts shaking like mad. It's cause I just have my toes on the ground to make my guitar higher. That leg goes crazy and has a spasm every darn time I perform. Why does my body do that when my mind isn't even nervous?!

Maybe I should take yoga?



All I wanna do right now is travel. Anywhere and everywhere.

I see pictures of England and Australia and I long to visit those places.

But, I wanna go for more than just a few days. I want to get the feel of the place and get to know the culture and people. Be more than just a tourist.

Then it makes me think, I should just be a traveling musician. Tour to different cities and play a show. Make a little dough. Maybe I should get famous.

But let's be more realistic. If I don't get married for a while, then I can just travel the world.
Cause by then I'll have the resources. 
Sounds good to me.

Why does the world have to be so big?
I'll never reach every place.


the best

night ever.
i shall tell you what it entailed.

we drove down to slc from logan in 1 hr 15 min because aleisha drives with the wind. waited in aleisha's car when all of a sudden, two fine lads park, get their guitars out, and walk in to the building while i freak out. and by freak out i mean squeal and scream like a little girl. walked to maverick to pee. went into a bar where i have to have id for my first time evs. sat down in the bar waiting for jeremy and kyle to go on stage. watched them set up and got all excited again. sat in front of everyone, and had the best view of the two men. recorded every song they played on my ipod and had a private concert on the way home. met jeremy afterwards.

who are these fine lads?
jeremy and kyle. from new empire. indeed, they are quite the band.
they're from australia and i've waited almost 3 years for them to come play in the united states. they finally did. and somehow i happened to find out. thank heavens.

i wish last night could come again. it can, but only on my ipod. which isn't as good.
but, my memories will stand the test of time. and so will the videos above and below.

if you check them out, 'staircase', 'tightrope', and 'one heart million voices' are my favorites.
also, funnily enough, my friend bethany totes saw my pictures and she checked them out of their hotel! crazy!


valentines day

NOT single awareness day.

I am aware that I am single most days. Heavens. Valentines is not about having a kissing buddy.

It's about love.

I have a lot of people in my life that I love, and I don't even have a kissing buddy. There is nothing wrong with being single. It just means you can crush on, cuddle, and hang out with any guy you wish. You can even like multiple guys at the same time! When you're not single, all of those privileges are taken away. However, when you're not single, you love not having those privileges so it all works out.

Valentines is a day of love. Not sulking that you're single. So maybe you should make valentines for your friends. Or your mom. Or a boy that you like. Remember when you were a kid and you made Valentines for your friends and left it on their porch and doorbell ditched? You probably don't, because my friends and I were the only ones that did that. We made it up. But now I'm giving you permission to copy us.

All you 'single awareness day' people. I hope you did not think like that when you were a child in elementary. Back when we all brought cool valentines boxes, like toasters and toilets, and walked around the classroom and gave everyone valentines and treats and put it in their boxes. You were probably sulking, thinking "I'm already nine years old and I'm still single. My teacher isn't single. I hate her. Why does she get someone and I don't?" This thinking is just a excuse to feel bad about yourself and cover up your insecurities about being single by telling everyone, "Happy Single Awareness day!" Well, to that I say boo.
Just think of all the people you love and that love you. That's what Valentines is all about, Charlie Brown.


you? psh, me.

This seems to be the theme of far too many men I know.

Boy walks up to me, hugs me. I ask how he is. He immediately proceeds to brag about his latest project/life experiences. Sometimes he even shows me a picture or video to demonstrate. I am interested, because I actually care about other people's lives, so I ask questions, smile, and act excited, because I am. We talk for a while then he starts to walk away as he finishes his last brag, not once asking me how I am or what's new with me.

I guess men have found out the secret of women.

We LOVE when men do that. 

In fact, we can't get enough of it.

All we want when we talk to a guy is for him to brag about his accomplishments and fun things he's been up to and then dash off, without a care.

It makes us feel special that he would care about us that much to tell us all those things about himself, that he trusts us enough to share that special information.

I can't remember the last time I was on a date where I didn't feel super special. This is because my date always made sure to brag about himself the whole time, and never bother to get to know me, because I would hate it if he got to know me.

I mean, what girl would ever want to talk to a guy that said,
"Hey, how are you?"
"What have you been up to?"
"It was great to talk to you."
"That's so cool that you did that!"

Not me.

I guess guys just understand us girls. They know we don't want them to get to know us. They know we don't like talking about ourselves. They know that the way to our heart is by talking about themselves for hours.

I am so grateful.

Disclaimer: I don't love talking about myself, I just wish it could be a little more two sided.



Aren't we all adorable?

(Malcolm, Blake, Lindsay, Ryan, Emily)

My cousin recently posted a ton of pictures of the whole Jenkins family from back when they used slides. Most of them are of the older kids, cause when kids my age came around, 
slides started losing their zing. 

There were a few more in our little cousin possy. Ryan's older sister, Amanda, 
and the twins, Zach and Ali, and their little sister, Maren.

We'd all play games like capture the flag, ghost in the graveyard, or other ones that I cannot remember. Malcolm and Blake thought they were the shiz (which they were). They always wanted it to be Blake and Malcolm against everybody else. Well, sometimes that cheesed me off. They were so cocky about it, but what if they really did beat us? They usually did, I'm pretty sure. Ryan and Amanda were hilarious. Zach, Ali, and Maren were the nicest. Lindsay and I were the biggest show offs. Not that we had anything to show off, really. Well, except my classy glasses.

I miss the days of carefree, playing hide and seek in the church, playing the piano on the stage while the old cousins played basketball, and being freaked out by the dark chapel during family parties. 

Cheers to that. And them.



yesterday some photos were taken.
to see more, go here.


current favs

in no particular order.

1 cafe rio
2 being busy, but not too busy
3 the bachelor
4 reading blogs
5 my momma
6 lipstick, especially red
7 colored/patterned tights
8 braids
9 i like it like that by hot chelle rae
10 reading scriptures fast