My best friend since pretty much the beginning of time, Megan, just had a baby! I can't wait to meet this little tyke. He's the closest thing I have to a nephew right now! 
His name is Franz Oliver Swenson. And what a chunker he is.
It's seriously so weird. I have other good friends who have babies, but it's different this time since Megan is my best friend. We texted during the day yesterday when she was in labor. She asked me if I had to work because she needed someone to text!
Thankfully I get to go home for Thanksgiving so I can see this little man!


pacific city.

This weekend was a roadtrip to Pacific City, Oregon!
Coty, Josh, me, Alyssa, and Jamie on top of the mountain of sand!
Coty, Josh, Steph, Alyssa, Jamie and I all drove the few hours down to the Oregon Coast to the small town of Pac City. It gets dark at 4:30, so when we got there it was pitch black. We got a motel and walked over to the beach. All you could see was the moon behind the clouds. You couldn't even see the water! As we walked in the sand, it would light up around our feet. It was cray! If you don't believe me, look it up. It's a real thing!

In the morning, we got up early and set up a fire on the beach. It was so cozy and I loved it. I could do it all day! And so I did! We climbed up the huge sand hill and later ran down it. Coty and I went and explored the cliff over the water. It was sweet. I was barefoot, but luckily it was clay and not rock.
Them boyz.
Our little campfire setup.
I sat up there for a while, just looking at the ocean and the beach. There were even surfers! I've never seen them doing their thing in real life! It was another successful road trip. Hoorah.


awkward foot.

I've noticed a common theme in most pictures I'm in. I have an awkward foot.
It's like, I just don't know what to do with my feet in pictures. Heaven forbid I just plant them both on the ground.

 Seriously?! This looks ridiculous.

I'm working on it.



So, as most of you may know, last night was Halloween.
 The girls and I dressed up as the one and only...

Not too shabby, considering not too much work was put into these costumes. Our Halloween plans to hang out in Portland fell through due to people being late and such. So we ended up just dressing up, taking pictures, then dressing back down into sweats, eating pizza and apple juice, going trick or treating at one house, going to Walmart to buy candy, and playing some games.
 We had Mr. Fed Ex, Alice in Wonderland, Mean Girls, a football player, and a ref. Pretty neat stuff.

We all piled in Taylor's van to go to Walmart. Josh, Brendan, Jamie, and I sat in the back, seatless. It was a party. We played Down by the Banks but it didn't work because no one would admit to getting out. But it was a partee, nonetheless.