BYO(insert item here)

You know when you get invited to a BBQ and you're like, "Sweet! Free food and fun!" Then you see these four little letters: BYOM (Bring Your Own Meat). And then you say, "Oh, um, nvm."

Or when you get invited to a game night or movie night and they say BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks). It's like, sheesh, what are you even providing for me?! A location. That's it. A location. You're planning a party, but everyone else is providing their own everything. You're just taking credit for the party. You might as well say BYOM (Bring Your Own Movie).

Imagine this...

Cute boy: "Hey, what are you doing this weekend? Would you like to go on a date?"
Excited girl: "Why, yes I would!"
Cute boy: "Okay great! It's BYOD! See you thurrr!"

I personally believe that, if you're going to plan a party, you should actually provide the party. 
If you're going to plan a BBQ, you should provide the BBQ. Not just the grill.
If you're going to plan a movie night, you should provide the movie and the snacks.

But I've been known to have some pretty crazy opinions on things.

favs of the week

1 american dream by mkto
2 jamming with lizzie
3 crisp air
4 cuddling
5 jeggings
6 making candy grams
7 late night talks with lin when i'm feeling down (she is very wise)
8 taking polaroids
9 using my dslr camera (i finally kind of know how)
10 gettin ret for races


turns out.

So remember George? Well, turns out he doesn't mind weird people like myself. In fact, turns out he likes them. Also, turns out his name is really Brian. But I'm sure he wouldn't mind being called George. 

On Friday we went to Ensign Peak to watch the sunset. We hiked the treacherous trail to the top. 15 whole minutes of hiking! There were tons of little kids and families at the top learning all about how pioneers came to that spot long ago and then Utah became a thing.

As it got darker, the kids started leaving. Then there were couples everywhere just waiting for it to get dark so they could start making out. We decided to be hipsters and go against the mainstream, so we left. Once it got dark, all the city lights were on and I loved it. You can see the whole daggum valley! Pictures were hard to get due to low shutter speed making it blurry. But don't worry, I got some good pictures of the sunset.

And also a hottie hottie (see below on left).
So anyways.