prove it.

you know how when you play sports with boys, they never pass the ball to you if you're a girl?

it's a thing that all boys do, without exception.

it's a thing that i hate about boys.

k yeah, boys have a gender advantage. they don't have to work as hard to be as good at sports. but that just means that if a girl is equally as good at a sport as a boy is, then the girl really is better because she had to work three times as hard to get there. just saying.

the other night i played ultimate frisbee with a bunch of people, boys and girls. we had captains and they picked who they wanted on their team. of course, the boys were picked first, then the girls. i was last because nobody really knew me. at first, i ran up and down the field a few times, only really touching the frisbee when i ran to steal it or block it. eventually some of the boys hesitantly threw the frisbee to me. i missed a few passes, but not because of something i did wrong. they threw the frisbee too high or too far. but of course, it looks like i made the mistake. mostly because i'm a girl. if i had been the one throwing it and the boy missed it then it would have been my fault.

after proving myself 4 or 5 times (and they were good provings, such as getting the winning point, stealing the frisbee, etc) i was the first girl picked when we got new teams! how exciting! the first girl! the worst boy was picked before me. and trust me, i was better than him. not only was i better than him, but most of the girls were better than him. honestly, in this group of people, i wouldn't say that the boys were any better than the girls. it's just a thing though. boys just think that boys are always better. they're cocky.

i shouldn't have to prove myself, but i guess i'll always have to.

good thing i'm good.


on the bright side

things that are makin me smile...

1. this song
2. google maps on my phone
3. making new friends
4. phone calls to/from home
5. the bachelorette
6. muddy buddies
7. snapchats
8. finally getting internet at my apt, even if i have to plug in for now.
9. one week down
10. visit from katie and carlee
11. finding a good place to run along the snake river (my neighborhood is too sketch to run in)
12. bisquick biscuits
13. thoughts of boating (or is that making me depressed?)

a break

Things have been getting better up here. I've been pretty busy this week which has kept my mind off missing home. Carlee and Katie came up on Friday night to pay me a visit. It was just what I needed. Thank heavens for sisters.

We went to Five Guys for dinner, came back to my apartment and made f'zookies while playing Yahtzee, then had a long pillow talk.

Saturday we saw the new Superman, got Jamba's, and watched some people jump off a huge bridge into the Snake River (with parachutes).

We also saw some people standing next to their old van with a sign that said, "Need money and vegetarian food," or something along those lines. The part that got us was the 'vegetarian food'. When you're begging for food, you probably can't be that picky. Just sayin.

I am making my own hashtag on Instagram, #twinfailz. It's like Twin Falls, but fails, because it is of all the weird stuff I see around here. I tried to get a picture of those vegetarian beggars, but it was hard to be discrete. But keep your eyes out for pictures of my white trash neighbors, and all the other weird stuff around here.


the worst

I don't mean to be dramatic but Sunday was the WORST birthday in all my years.

I turned 23.

The day before, I drove 3 hours away from home to Twin Falls, Idaho, for my dietetic internship. I've never been to this town. And for good reason. I've learned that this really is the white trash capital of the world. On Saturday I went to Walmart, and I think the Twin Falls Walmart is where they get all those 'People of Walmart' photos.

Sunday I went to church with my new roommate. Not a soul knew it was my birthday. When I got home I cried all day. Cried and cried. I felt super sick, probably because of all that crying. All I ate was a bowl of Raisin Bran and a banana. What a birthday meal!

Luckily, I talked to almost every family member and a friend or two. That's the only thing that made the day a tiny bit bearable.

But it's over, thank heavens. I started my internship on Monday and it should be fun. This week is a little slow because I'm working with the diet techs. I pretty much already know how to do what they do. I'm ready to move on! But things will speed up and get more exciting next week.

I met some friends yesterday who go to Utah State. I instantly fell in love with them, because anyone who goes to Utah State is my friend. I always loved that school, but I didn't realize how much! Utah State is my best homie.

Twin Falls is getting better, now that I'm getting going. But, oh how I miss Logan and home.