The Howl

Basically, the Howl was awesome. Let me tell you about it.

So, we (Liz, her brother, Carl, Sarah, Crystal, Lizzie, Andrew, Matt, and I) went to the basketball game dressed in our costumes. We kicked trash by more than 50 points.
After the game we went back to our apartments to get Matt's rubix cube costume that he had earlier decided against bringing. We walked up the hill and when we reached the top, we found a line. A freaking long one. So we got in it and waited.

After waiting approximately 30 minutes, everyone started running to the front of the line. Lizzie and I, being smart, joined in, leaving the rest of our group behind. We got in and found Dallin, Christian, Steve, and Tanner. We did some dancing and chips and salsa eating with Christian because we lost the other three. A half hour passed and we found our lovely group. Good thing, or I would've been devastated.

We went right to the field house to see The Higher. They were pretty awesome, I'd say. After their set, Lizzie and I went to get a picture with Seth, the singer. It took three tries, because Hot Rod sucked at taking pictures.

Then We The Kings came on. I hate them live. But, it was really fun. And I'll tell you why. For the first two songs people were moshing and really close and I could barely breath and I hated it. Then Lizzie and I started moshing and that's where things turned around. We were moshing for the whole hour We The Kings was on. We made 2 mosh friends, too. One guy in a diaper and one guy in a nice suit jacketless suit. They followed us everywhere. When a slow song was on and we were waiving our hands, they copied. When we had our arms around eachother, they put theirs around us. It was really nice bonding with strangers. As for our group, they didn't really join in the moshing, except for Matt. I'm pretty sure. I got an elbow to my jaw and a heel in my ankle, which made it even better.

When they finally ended with Check Yes, Juliet, we were gross and sweaty. Then we walked home. And took some pictures.


Runner Runner

On Friday, my roommate, Lizzie, and I went to see Runner Runner at the Logan Arthouse. We were pretty much the only college kids there. There were plenty of high school and middle schoolers. And even some little elementary schoolers with their moms. That's awkward.
We were almost in the front, except for this annoying couple that had their arms around each other the whole time while trying to jump up and down. And a little 10 year old girl who probably had her life made by this concert.
The band is really good live. I was quite impressed. And I haven't heard a song of theirs that I don't like. We got some sweet pics with them after the show.
Ryan the singer

Nick the guitarist
James the drummer

Jon the bassist

They gave us free tickets to see their show the next day in Ogden. So that's what we did. It was even better than the first show! While they were setting up we were behind some girls who were in the front. There were some girls next to and behind us that were quite large and quite scary. So we decided we didn't like our spot. We squeezed in front of some short girl on the other side of the stage. She was really mad and said, "Excuse me!" all mean like. But, I didn't care. We were in the very front! At the end, the drummer threw his drumsticks and I caught one! Yusss.
Little Peter the guitarist/Proud owner of a fedora
3/5 of Runner Runner
Runner Runner: Round 2