I am happy cause...

1. Slalum skiied for my first time ever. And did it pretty nicely.
2. Finished my forever dream of recording my music.
3. Boating all summer long.
4. Sang in church on Sunday.
5. Tubing the river tomorrow.
6. Got some good books to read.
7. Got a call to play my guitar for a school event.
8. Saw Batman. Two thumbs for that.
9. My roommates are too great.
10. My little pup cuddled with me for almost an hour yesterday. Rare.



i'm friends with kuzco.
he's a lot more boring in person, i must say.
more cuddly and less sassy.
with just a touch of cockiness.
enough to make any llama'am go crazzzy.



went photoshootin yesterday.
with aleisha and elizabeth, the two foxiest ladies around.
take a peek.


ps, aleisha posted some more, even some of me, here.




i just finished recording my first ever album! 
it's only 7 songs, but, you know, it's good enough for me.
here's a few of the songs, if ya wanna hear.
it's funny, the songs i was most excited to record are the ones that i like the least.
and the songs i almost didn't record because i didn't really like them, 
are the ones that i love how they turned out.


the 4th

For the 4th of July, my family went boating, of course. It was the best of days: freakin hot and smooth morning water. 
We're all improving on our wakeboard skills.  

and banana boat skills.

and lookin good with lake hair skills.


weekend goodies

This weekend was just the best. And here is my list of why it was so great:

Boating twice. Once with friends, once with fam.
Big hugs from Dad.
Getting some sun.
Mom cheering when we get even just an inch of air on the wakeboard.
Cafe Rio.
Helping my roommate with her Relief Society lesson.
Bonfire with friends.
Bearing my testimony in Sacrament meeting.
Watching puppies play together. Adorable.