festivus for the restivus

Today was Festival of Colorz.

It was grand, as always.
This year there was a little added spice, thanks to me. Everyone throws chalk at each other as you're walking by. It's socially acceptable at these types of occasions, duh.

I covered my hand in chalk and as I walked past different men, I would smack their butt and give them a nice little hand print that either looked like they got a spanking or a hittin on.
Soon, Lindsay joined me in this act. Then my roommate, Katie. It was a nice little train. I would attack, then Lindsay, then Katie. 
 Triple threat. 
We would smack and didn't look back.
We got many different reactions...
"Thank you!" 
 An awkward "whoa..." 
Double takes.
Some looked around for the source, but it will be a forever mystery.
It was great fun, and we got all colored on. Weird, I know.



Last week I got my crap and groan.  I mean, my cap and gown.

In other words,


Every other day it's exciting. And the other every other days it's terrifying and sad.

College has been good to me, for the most part.

I've had way too many roommates... 31 total I believe? SHEESH. Many of these roommates have taught me a lot about what I NEVER want to be like. So, shout out to them! Many have also been great examples, shown me qualities that I want to have, and have become my best friends.

I went from being terribly shy as a freshman, to terribly unshy, to mostly not shy now.

I've gotten A's, B's, C's, and maybe something lower.

I went from dressing punk, with v-necks, vans, and black hair, to dressing a lot more feminine, with lipstick, colored jeans, and floral print clothing.

I went from pretty to gorgeous. Haha just kidding... I just had to say that to keep my blog consistent. Ya know?!

As you can tell, I have changed a lot.

It's weird to look back; how did 5 years go by so fast? Now I have to be a big girl. Sheesh.


they're going to be the death of me. and/or my wallet.

i did good for a while; only buying a 12 oz bag every month or so. last summer was bad.
i went through one or two of those bags a week.
the past few weeks it's been a bag a week.
a bag a week at 3 bucks a bag = $156/year.
655 oz = 41 lbs of m&m's a year. that's roughly a third of my body weight.

ya know, that's actually not that bad.


skinny jean

Tonight at work we served food to a bunch of hillbilly, john deere, elk-lovin men. They had an auction and a drawing for guns, hunting gear, and other fancy toys.
The auctioneer kept making remarks about men wearing skinny jeans.
He said if you had skinny jeans and you won something, you were disqualified.
What a bitter, bitter man.

This led to a conversation among my coworkers. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one out of about 14 people who like skinny jeans. This comes as no surprise, as I am the only one
with some sense of style at work.
I've had three different men ask me to go pants shopping with them. Just a wild guess, but it's probably because I have good taste. Unfortunately I couldn't go with one,
but I converted the other two to skinny jeans and let me tell you....


Their attractiveness intensified tenfold.

The other day I was at Cafe Rio with three guys. One of them asked the others if they thought I would wear the pants in a relationship. He and another agreed that I would. And the other said,
"She would wear the jeggings."

Pants are everything, my friends.

Disclaimer: Obviously, I do think I have good style. I mean, if I didn't, then I wouldn't wear what I wear. But this post exaggerates my cockiness. So take that how you will.

spring break has sprung

...has sprung and gone.

while my friends did cool things like go to l.a., san fran, and bra-freaking-zil... i went to south jordan for 5 days and hung out with my family. then i worked. what a week to remember! it wasn't so bad, really. it was actually quite nice. did some shopping, sister bonding, ate daily feasts. but then i saw everyone's facebook and instagram pictures. and i really became jealous and depressed.

but ya know... come june, i'll be leaving utah for about 7 months, save for a few visits. so there.
before i go, i need to make a 'stuff to do before i leave utah' bucket list.

i maybe need some ideas...?

i've got a few...

go to zions and hike.

a few = one.

so, anyways.



i have a slight obsession with pants.

i have a wide variety of colors... red, kelly green, mustard yellow, turquoise, dark blue, tan, gray corduroy, just gray, heart and snowflake print, floral, orange, black, a few normal blue jeans, and i believe that is all. but it may not be enough.

deciding what pants to wear is one of the hardest decisions i make all day! if i wear red pants, then i can't wear red shoes or my red coat. i also can't wear my olive green pea coat. if i wear green pants, i also can't wear my olive green pea coat or any form of red. if i wear my cords, then i can't wear my corduroy jacket. if i wear normal blue jeans, i feel super casual. which is weird, cause that's all i used to wear. but now i love me anything but blue jeans.

so you see, it can get complicated.


record breaking

today i broke my mile record.

it may sound lame, but i ran it in 8:33.


that's the best i've ever done, for heaven's sakes! i beat my previous time by 35 seconds! i could taste iron and if i had run a second more i'm 97% positive i would have hurled. but, ya know.




Lindsay is 

cancer free. 

Today she got her port out. Hallelujah! 
It is about time. 6 months of chemo and over 7 months of having a port.
I hate to be mushy, mostly because I feel awkward, but too bad.
I admire that girl for being so strong throughout this. 
She did have her moments and it was hard. But heck, if it had been me I probably would have died of dehydration from loss of tears. It sucked, but a lot of good came from this and a lot of learning and growing, for the whole family.
Bravo, little sister.