part february // logan, utah

For my February activity, I went to a COLLEGE PARTY. I live for these. And I haven't been to one since I was in college. Like a year ago. It was time I got my wiggles out.

My friend, Katie, was throwing a Sweetheart Soirée in Logan and I moved back home just in time to attend. I drove up to Logan on Thursday and I must admit, I was quite giddy during the car ride, especially driving through Sardine Canyon and into town. It's been over 5 months since I've made that drive!

My first stop was to my dear friend, Jason's. We had a little chat then I headed over to my main boys' house (Mark, Dallon, and roommates). Long embraces were given and hello's were exchanged. Dallon, Mark, and I went to Beto's for old times sake and got carne asada fries. We got them last time we went there and I said they looked like soup and the fries were noodles. Ever since then it's like a big joke amongst those two. So, we went to celebrate soup and noodles by eating Mexican fries.

Next, we went to the Valentines Party! 

Mark (me) Zachary

(me) Katie and Tmera
As you can see, when I dance, my cheeks get real hot and red. But hey, it goes with the Valentine colors sooo. And, it's proof that I had fun. Red cheeks = proof of fun.
Sydney, Dallon, Katie, (me), Mark, Zach

Dallon and I even got on the DJ stage and danced. And you know what? I should teach dance lessons because I'm pretty sure I've got it going on

On Friday, Mark and I went to breakfast at Herm's and I got a quite enormous pancake. 

I ate maybe 1/3. But of course, I took it home and ate some more.

We walked up to campus and I reminisced in my head about how much I love that place. It was raining and my shoes were not equipped for that, so my feet were drenched and I was cold. But it just added to the reminiscing experience.

Later Dallon and I jammed for hours. We played some old songs we've learned/put together including Wanted and Don't You Worry Child. Then we learned Everything Has Changed real quick and decided that was probably our best song so far. 

For Valentines evening, Mark, Weston, and I ate spaghetti. It was like our own personal version of Lady and the Tramp except it was Lady and Two Tramps.

On Saturday I got to see Ray Ray Cottrell and her boo. These two are my favorite couple, mostly because I was there when they first met, first started dating, got murried, and probs when they have kids and grand ones, too. We ate delicious spaghetti made by Chef Josh (the Mr.) and discussed deep topics like friends and jobs.  

By Saturday afternoon, I was tuckered out. Being a guest for 3 days is exhausting, just saying. So that's when my excursion ended and now I feel like I'm really home again.


the final days.

I just arrived home in Utah yesterday after a long 12 hour drive from Washington today. It was a tearful goodbye; I was so sad to leave.

I finished my internship on Tuesday and that night, Betty and Gordon took me to see the Piano Guys in downtown Portland. But first we stopped by Killer Burger to get my last peanut butter burger before I left. Those peanut butter burgers I tell you... a burger with peanut butter, pickles, onions, and more... what could be better?! They are divine. For reals. The concert was great and I was exhausted by the end of that day.

On Wednesday, Betty and I went to Costco for samples, Winco for treats, McSteven's Hot Chocolate for hot chocolate, and Carol's Corner Café for some chicken noodle soup and fries. We got home and made some delicious carrot cake. I was supposed to head home Friday, but the weather did not look promising. I barely missed the storm yesterday, luckily. My friend, Steph, came over later and we played Nertz with Betty and Gordon. It was hilarious.

At one point Gordon said to us, "...Bunch of old ladies."
Steph said, "Excuse me?!?!"
Gordon stopped and looked straight at her, "Did I stutter?"

So that was a fun game. Steph and I were laughing the whole time.
Bev (Betty's sister), me, and Betty
Thursday morning, Betty and Gordon got up early to make me breakfast. They spoil me. I left at 6:50am and picked up Josh for the long 12 hour drive to Utah.
We had great conversation.
But really, we did talk. We made it in 11.5 hours. Not terribly bad.
It was incredibly windy and a bit scary, but at least the roads were clear.

Now I feel torn. I want Washington back. But I like Utah. Great...


i'm ready

i'm ready for summer. 
i'm praying it'll be a warm one. 
i know it's so so far away. 
but in washington, i haven't seen snow since the beginning of december. 
so it feels like spring should be coming up. 
but, i guess once i drive into utah this week i will quickly realize how incorrect i am.


moving back.

I'm moving back to Utah this week. Holy crap, really?!

I can't believe how fast these past 5 months in Washington have gone. I have had so much fun, made wonderful friends, and I got to live with the best couple ever, Gordon and Betty, who are like my second parents! Some of my favorite times here have been just eating dinner 
and chatting with those two.

I've gotten to travel all around Washington and Oregon. From Portland to Tillamook to Pacific City to Cannon Beach. Seaside to Astoria to Seattle. Port Angeles to Forks to La Push. Cape Flattery to Cape Disappointment.

I've had fires on the beach, walked across a bridge into another state, ridden on a ferry, spent many days on the coast/beach, explored Twi-world, seen a lighthouse, driven a lot, oh and finished my internship which is what I came out here for in the first place, duh. 
But that was the least exciting part of all.

I love the northwest. And it's sad to leave. It's not easy loving different places.
Or loving people in different places.

Love you, Washington.

Pretty pictures taken by Aleisha.


gordon and betty

I've been living with some family friends while in Washington. Their names are Gordon and Betty. Their two kids are all grown up and married so it's just me and them. They really are the funniest people I know. Some of the best times are just eating dinner and chatting with them.

They know my love for m&m's all too well and sent three Costco sized bags of them to me for Christmas. That's like 10 pounds. Then when I returned back to Vancouver after the holidays there were a few bags of m&m's and even a little m&m car waiting for me!

Gordon says the funniest things all the time. He's a somewhat quiet man and he doesn't crack a smile when he says these things.

A while ago I was helping him and Betty put a new couch in their living room. It was huge and their doorway is not huge. It was somewhat of a difficult time, but we got it. Gordon asked me if I was okay. I said I was and he said, "Oh good, I just want to make sure you can still give birth. I'm not worried about Betty; she's done with that."

I kind of died of laughter.

Another time I had some friends over for a fire in the back yard. Gordon set it up for us and was telling my friends about how he used to be a fire walker. Betty came out and they were going to go get pizza. Gordon said that they were going to go get a hotel so, "Emily, you know how to lock up the house."

Before Thanksgiving, Betty was teaching me how to make pumpkin rolls. We were in the kitchen chatting when she said something like, "...but what do I do?" Gordon walked in right then, stopped, put his hands on his hips and said, "What do you do?!" Of course Betty glared at him while I laughed hysterically.

Often Gordon will call Betty 'Sister Spears' when talking to me. Betty doesn't love it. But it's hilarious.

Sometimes Gordon tells Betty they need to clean the house for their 'guest'. Betty just rolls her eyes and says, "She's not a guest. She lives here!"

I have had many laughs in this house.