an accident

So there's this kid that I was friends with a while back, we'll call him Thomas.

We hung out at the beginning of January but then he headed far away for school. We hadn't talked for months because, you know what happens when you don't live close to your friends. So in April, when the eclipse was going down, I woke up in the middle of the night to a text from him saying, "Are you watching the eclipse?!" I was thoroughly confused and wasn't sure how to respond. I was 98% sure he was texting the wrong girl. So I responded, "No:(, was it awesome?!" Five hours later confirmed my suspicions when he merely said, "Yeah it was pretty cool!"

So it was obvs an accident because who just leaves it at that? 


two for relief society

Tonight at FHE, we played volleyball on the lawn. It was dandy fun, even though my team was losing. We were still laughing and giddy and having a jolly time. This guy on the other team wasn't my fave. He was a bit self righteous and I just didn't care for his behavior. When some of the girls would serve and the ball didn't make it over he would say, "Two for Relief Society!" as if girls need more chances than guys due to their inability to be good at any sports.

I was quite perturbed. At one point, we were right across the net to each other and I reached my hands out in fury and told him to stop talking (don't worry, I stayed on my side of the net).

So, I mean, don't mess with me. Cause I'll tell you to stop talking.... priiiitty serious stuff. Put you in yo place, boi!


a real life rd

Almost 2 weeks ago I took the RD exam (Registered Dietitian). I went in terrified. They made me turn out my pockets and wouldn't let me take my chapstick in. Don't they know that I need it every 10-14 minutes?! I lathered and lathered my lips, but they were getting a bit chapped near the conclusion of my exam. As I went through the test questions, I swear I didn't know anything. I was terrified when it said my test was finished. I went up to the lady who printed out my test. She took a glanced, turned it over, and handed it to me. Oh great, she probably just saw that I FAILED MY TEST. I turned it over and saw a


Holy crap. I was kind of in shock. I'm a real life RD now. A real life one! I have a title!

Emily Jenkins, RD, CD.

(CD is certified dietitian. You have to be certified in your state of practice).

I guess I'm a big deal now. I'm FINALLY a big deal!!!!!!!

And I never have to take a test again in my life. Praise the heavens. I'm done.