just found this.
and i love it.


a festival

colors colors colors.

[Jason, Amy's Roommate, Collin, Amy, Rachel, Krista, Ute, Andrew, Jake, me]

We got to the Festival of Colors just in time for the throwing. It was insane! Last year we missed it. Everyone throws chalk at the same time for like 2 minutes and you can't see or breathe. Except I did breathe, which got chalk all up in my sinuses and such. It didn't feel nice. Btw, I'm not flipping anyone off in a certain picture that looks like I am.

The event was rather smashing. I carried Jake up the long hill. Buff woman.


We chalked to each other for an hour or so. (Chalked and talked)

Then we left.
We tried a triple piggy. It was nice for a second, then I fell.

It was great bonding time with some of the loves of my life.


hunger games

I loved this book. I loved this movie.

I like Gale Hawthorne. He's just so attractive.

 It seems like most everyone I talk to loves Peeta.

Yes, Peeta is cute and sweet. But he's also short.
Gale is a man. And he is just the best.
He became even better when I saw him in the movie.
If you haven't read it or seen it, read it then see it.



i like mustache march. it gives men an opportunity to increase their classiness for a month. it doesn't seem to be as popular as novembeard, though. the nice thing about mustaches compared to beards is it's hard to have a patch-stache, while it's easy to have a patch beard. as a result, almost every man that participates in mustache march looks nice. many men who participated in novembeard grew patch beards and they looked horrid.

i only wish that women had theme months. like novembrow. where we didn't have to pluck our eyebrows. or pit-tober. where we didn't have to shave our pits. but, i guess those don't make us look better like mustache march and novembeard do.

all you mustache haters out there, back off.


six things

That made me happy today:

1 Got a presentation over with.
2 Went grocery shopping.
3 Wore a cute outfit.
4 Talked to my roommate, Camille, for a while. This is rare.
5 Wrote my own version of 'Lead Kindly Light'. And I kind of love it.
6 Played Lightning (the basketball game) with a bunch of boys for FHE.


we went down

Down in the southern direction.
Katie, Lindsay, and I drove 6 hours to Las Vegas. A place of glamor, glitz, and class. 
Also a place full of white trash, smoking, dirty people.
But aren't those the kind of people that live in every big city?
Take a look at my journey.

It was a fun trip. We first drove down to St. George, where Lindsay is currently going to school. We got some pasta, found a telephone booth, and I got some glasses! (I obviously don't need them since my eyes are perfect). We went to Dixie Rock, the St. George temple, and Kneaders. 

Once in Vegas we went to the M&M Factory, where m&m's were 13 bucks a pound! What a deal! We got In 'N Out, where it was decided that we were never going back in. We walked the strip and did lots of shopping, only to come back empty handed if you were Lindsay. If you were me, you came back with one shirt. They just had some really great deals.

While driving the strip, we got to look at this thing for a while. It was great. Here's why. The man in the backseat met the following criteria:
  • ~45 years of age
  • popped collar
  • punk-a shades
  • parted & gelled hair
  • button undone
  • looking fly in a convertable
 I'm not even that cool and I'm 21.

It was a rather jolly break. 80 degree weather. Visiting my dear brother, Andrew, and his wife, KateLyn. We ate pizza and m&m's, watched some Malcolm in the Middle (funniest show of all time), and a great documentary:
Vegas, I probably won't come back. But it was fun while it lasted.



=a lovely time.

besties+camera+filter= an even lovelier time.

Megan and I are besties.
I actually hate the term 'besties'. It sounds so cheerleader.
I guess I could say best friends. Or bff's. Yes.
We're bff's.
Even though she went and got married last year, we're still pretty tight. Things are a little different, obviously. But whenever we get together, we always do the same thing. The same thing we've done for a few years now.

It's just how we roll. You may get sick of seeing pictures like these. But I don't. We took these with a new filter Megan got. They add a bit of a brownness and richness that I just love.



according to my ipod



on wednesday, i performed for a lots of peoples. my friend, kelsie, was setting up a little concert/dance party for her friend, chase, who was running for some student office on campus. she asked me to play, so i opened up the show with a few of my originals, and the song 'you don't see me' by safetysuit. it's a really nice song. my roommates came, which was so nice of them. i have the best roommates. my sister katie, my old roommate katie, aleisha, and lizzie also came.

i got up to the stage and did my thang. my thang includes one foot shaking tremendously in spouts. it also includes my voice being quite shaky and not hitting notes how i should hit them. it's very annoying, especially cause once i'm up there, i'm really not nervous. it's my subconscious. it wants me to fail. after the first two songs i started relaxing a bit and getting notes right. and by the last song i was doin pretty good. of course, i forgot the words to my own song. but i guess that gives it some character.

on friday i got a call from mr. chase. he's throwing another party to thank everyone who helped him win (cause, btw, he won). he asked me if i would play. i said but of course! i asked if the other 4 bands were playing. he said, 'no, just you. i think people enjoyed you the most.'


i guess i'm not that bad, sometimes.