mr kingston

Also known as Sean.

He is a black majesty.

I would know. I saw him Friday night free of charge at my school. Well, unless you count the thousands spent on tuition. If you do, then this was the most expensive concert I've ever been to.

The action started at 3:00 with locals bands playing till 8:00. The Fictionist and Allred were the highlights of that portion.

Another highlight was a gay cross dresser dancing seductively. His name was Peter. And still is.
Well, I was dared to ask to get a picture with Peter. And in return I would receive $4.50. So I went up to him and said, "Can I get a picture with you? You dance so majestically." And in as gay of a voice as he could muster, he said, "Sure."

Oh, and everyone stared as we posed.

At 8 o'clock it was time for Black Majesty to perform. But his DJ decided to take the spotlight for like 20 minutes before Sean came out.
Finally the moment came. But his performance was kind of lame cause he just sang along to his recorded songs. This is why rock concerts are so much better.

Three best things about Sean:

1. How incredibly big he is.

2. That he actually wore bling. (Huge diamond necklace and a diamond watch).

3. His Jamaican accent.

Three worst things about Sean:

1. He's pretty cocky for a fat guy.

2. He doesn't care about his fans. He just likes his fame and moneyz.
3. His best songs are Duets, which he obviously couldn't do alone.

I didn't get any pictures of him because I didn't bring my camera. Dang. I was in the middle of the crowd where there is no room for cameras. There was hardly even room for me!

Well, I'm feeling like I'm letting go.


  1. I've seen gayer cross dressers (remind me to tell you about one time in college at the grocery store), thought he's got on some pretty snazy boots. Mista Kingston!

  2. haha well you can't really tell but he's wearing nail polish and lipstick!