Major Jammage

Almost every single day for the past 2 weeks, my roommate, Lizzie, and I have been playing our guitars together. The few days that we don't, I go through jamming withdrawals. I forgot how much I loved it. I've even got my calluses back.

We've been learning 'The Best of Me (acoustic)' by The Starting Line and we've pretty much got that one down. It sounds pretty awesome.

We've also been making a medley. This medley consists of many songs including: California Gurls, Love Story, Baby, Bad Romance, Airplanes, Soul Sister, Kissin' You, and a few more. I'm really excited about it.

Other songs we've started learning or want to learn are:

Six Feet Under the Stars - All Time Low
Sugar Sweet - Sing It Loud
So Obvious - Runner Runner
The Only Exception - Paramore
Free Fallin' - Allred


Ten Things.

I love lists. And I like a lot of things. So I think I'll copy my sister, Carlee, and make a list of my top ten favorite things right now.

1 Men
2 Walking to and from class
3 Pictures
4 My Camelback water bottle
5 "Counting Your Worries" by The Continentals
6 Tomatoes
7 Fall boots
8 Bracelets
9 Painted Nails
10 Talking to friends for long periods of time



Today I went golfing. I thought I hated golfing. But, I don't.
I went with my new friends, Andrus and Kevin. They're pretty cool, I'd say. At first I just took pictures.

Then they taught me the art and I surpassed my own expectations. I guess I'm decent. And I would totally do it again.