just got back from las vegas helping romney campaign! it was pretty swell. they bused us down from salt lake, provided all meals (generous meals, at that), and provided hotel stay at the marriot. we went door to door asking people who they would vote for. one lady said she wouldn't vote for romney if her life depended on it. i wish i could make her life depend on it. how foolish of her. we made some phone calls doing the same thing. we went hot tubbing and walked the strip, ate tons of m&m's and soda, and sat on the bus for over 12 hours total. it was grand, and i'm being totally serious.



Summer is pretty much over. Monday was my last boating day of the year. It was terribly sad. Like, I honestly felt a little emotional.


Summer did me well. And so will fall, I hope.

A few of my favorite things about summer were:

recording my first album ever

playing with little Albus

and taking family pictures.

I am excited for fall; wearing scarves and cardigans, drinking apple cider, and going to corn mazes. But it's always so so so sad to see summer go.


31 years

My parents got married 31 years ago today.
My dad was the 3rd guy that wanted to marry my mom. Third one's the charm.
He asked her randomly one day, and she said she'd have to think about it.
She was crazy... I mean look at this man.

She was only crazy for a few days till she said, "Mmmmkay." 
They got married and had some kids, including myself.

[Their younger years]

 Not only are they ridiculously good looking; they also have ridiculously good looking kids.
But in all seriousness, I really can't tell anyone how much I love those parents of mine. Sometimes it hurts. They are my ultimate heroes. I consider myself an excellent cook just because my mother is. And I always compare men to my dad and usually they aren't good enough, no offense to them.

They've still got it.