current loves

1 orange dreamsicles
2 hats
3 my dark hair
4 snapchat
5 institute (i finally found a good teacher, i actually get excited to go to class! wha?!)
6 the new boys like girls album, 'crazy world'
7 playing tambourine with my foot while playing guitar
8 lipstick
9 all my colored/patterned pants
10 nailpolish


i'm sorry, but i have to get out another frustration.

i hate when people ask for donations so that they can go on a humanitarian trip.

one of my facebook friends just posted, "so i was thinking today how little it would take from each of friends if they each pitched in. if they all donate $2, (that's only 15 minutes of working!) then i will get enough money to go do service for a whole summer in a different country!"

in my mind that's saying, "give me your money so i can go on a vacation for the whole summer." if you can't pay to go on a humanitarian trip, don't go. people have gotten too comfortable asking people for money these days. i could never imagine asking people for money to go on a trip, go to school, or anything, really.

i know people think that since it's a humanitarian/service trip that it makes it okay to ask people to give money in the name of service. but really, even if you're on a humanitarian trip, you're still on a trip. and you shouldn't ask other people to help you pay for your trip. why don't you ask for people to donate things that you can give people, like clothes or blankets. not for money for your plane ticket.

i went on a humanitarian trip a few years ago to india. i saved up for a long time to go. i didn't ask for a penny of a donation. i am not bragging. that's how it should be. that's how it used to be. now days people think it's normal to ask others for money. if you want to go on a humanitarian trip, plan ahead and save up and don't you dare ask anyone for money.



i am currently listening to a conversation in which a boy said, "beyonce isn't bad for a black woman." and a girl responded, "that's only slightly racist," in a sarcastic tone.

can i just tell you how annoyed i get with people being so racist happy these days? like my martin luther king party. someone laughed that all of our treats were racist. THE HOLIDAY IS CELEBRATING BLACK PEOPLE. the holiday itself is racist, in their sense of the word.

what people don't know is that the true definition of racism is the following:

rac·ism  (rszm)
1. the belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.
2. discrimination or prejudice based on race.

that kid never said that he thought a white woman was superior to beyonce, because she's black. he never said that she was slut because she's black, she's just a slut because she is one. he was simply saying that he preferred white women to black women. it's the exact same as saying he prefers blondes to brunettes.  
it drives me up the wall when people say things are racist, when really they're not. it's just someone commenting about someone being black. not in a derogatory way. just an observational way.

a while ago i showed up at my friends house with two men, one black, one white. later, a girl was asking about the black one. she didn't say, "the black one," she said, "the one with the gray coat". 



today is martin luther king day. 
last night we celebrated blacks and whites coming together with a party. a small gathering, if you will. of about 65 or 70 people give or take.  
We had some pretty festive treats.
We had such a huge turnout. It was awesome.
We also had a poster where people wrote down their dreams, just like last year. 
Martin, thanks for the great party.



The worst month of the year is half over! Holler.
The one good thing about this month is that I can sit on my bed with a blanket all evening and it's totally fine! On Saturday I got a bunch of goodies and watched House Bunny, Mean Girls, and Hot Rod, right in a row. Thank you, snow! On Monday walking to school I had frost on my hair. Frost. My hair looked white! I am too young for such things! Anyway, that's how cold January is in Logan. And that's why January is the worst month of the year.


slow strider

i am a very, very slow walker. i got it from my mother. she likes to walk as slowly as possible, while people watching in every direction. i don't do as much of the people watching. i just walk slow. when i'm on my way to class and realize that i'm going to be late, i can't get myself to walk faster.

like today.

class started in 3 minutes and i was a 6 minute emily walk away. these 2 kids from my class crossed the street to walk right in front of me. i said to myself, "keep up with them." well, they looked like they were walking, but really they were running, which i very quickly discovered. i could not keep up. i started walking faster, fast enough to get me breathing much faster. i looked up, they were gone! not really, but they were a lot smaller than they had been 5 seconds ago.

i was late. they weren't.


one more

Lindsay just finished her second to last chemo on thursday. If my calculations are correct,
that means that she has one more left.
Girl has been sick as a dog for the few days after chemo, which is so sad to watch. We practically shove food down her throat so she won't snap in half.
It's a necessary precaution.
Lin has her last treatment in two weeks, then she gets checked a
month later to see if they killed that crap.
you can go to her blog here.


twenty thirteen, the beginning.

Thirteen has always been my lucky number.
Ever since I started playing soccer and Dad was my coach. He had all the uniforms and I got to pick my jersey before anyone else. Thirteen was the highest number, so that's what I chose. That number has served me well many a time. All through soccer I did quite well. And I won a signed Mitt Romney poster with that number once. See, pretty lucky, eh?
Anywho, this must mean that 2013 is my lucky year. Which probably means that I'm gonna get married, have a child, and go on a cruise this year!

But really,
I am graduating this year. From college. And I could argue that that's a pretty big deal.

That's all I really know about this year. But I have a few hopes and dreams for it. Like letting off a wishing lantern. And running a 10k or half marathon. And performing my music again. So anyways.