part june // 10k

This month, Katie, Lindsay, and I did a 10k. We wanted to do a half marathon but then decided we'd better start with a 10k for fear of dying. We got up at 4:40 in the morn and drove down to Provo, hopped on the bus, and waited at the starting line. 

I like to live on the edge, so I used to porta potty while waiting to start.
They had some music playing to get us all pumped, but it was pretty quiet so it was more like background napping music. 
We walked to the starting line, 3-2-1-go! and we were off. I wanted to die the first mile. I have no idea why it was so hard! I had a horrible stitch in my side for about 4 miles that I had to hold with one hand continuously. When it finally went away I rejoiced.
Katie made the 6.2 mile run in 58 minutes, Lindsay in 1:04, and I finished in 1:08. Not too shabby, especially Katie.
Racing is becoming a big part of my life.


part may // boating

We got the boat out last week.

It. was. glorious.

Lindsay, Dad, and I went right after work at 5:00 and drove down to Utah Lake. Unfortunately when we put the boat in, it wouldn't start. Dead battery. So we pulled the car around and halfway in the water and jumped the boat. Exciting. And a bit scary. But we got it going and we were rett to go!