A great month for some men to look especially handsome.

And also a great month for more men than I ever realized could possibly look so patchy and foolish to look patchy and foolish.

I've never seen so much patchy fur as I did this Novembeard.

The thing is, a beard is supposed to be full and manly. There were way too many beard posers last month. And that is NOT full and manly.

According to a very reliable source, Wiki,

"a beard is the collection of hair that grows on the chin, cheeks and neck of human beings".

Notice how it does not say, "a beard is patches of hair that grows on the chin, cheeks, and neck of human beings."

I just want to go up to one of those patch beards and say, "Hey Beardsley! What the ... is on your face?! This is Novembeard. Patchtober was last month."

Thankfully, Deshaveber came so every patch beard is no more.