laketh powelleth.

this week i got to go to the loverly lake powell. the actual happiest place on earth, contrary to disneyland's claims. this is year three of spending time with that lake and i would like to make it four next year. actually, i'd like to make it four this year but, no can do. anyway, i made some big milestones this year at powell. 

first of all, i cleared the dang wake on the dang wakeboard finally

second, i started gettin a rooster tail goin. hollerrrr. 
third, look mom! no hands!
we climbed some rocks.
did some tubage and bottled it up in our minds to save for winter.

now, i feel the need to explain the goggles. while they are not a killer fashion statement, they make tubing 10x more enjoyable as you don't have to worry about getting water in your eyes. they create a whole new tubing experience that didn't exist before. you can lay on your belly on the tube and actually see everything that goes on around you, all from the simple addition of gogs.

we also jumped off large rocks. look at lindsay's feet. They are ret to go.
(i realize that this photo isn't actual proof that we jumped, but you have my word that jumping off that huge 7 foot rock happened).
we sat in the boat in the shade of the rocks for some time, eating pringles and an array of junk food.
my brother and his wife tried to be cute. and, i guess they were depending on your style.
dad and me pretended to be on titanic.
after saying goodbye to the lake, we went to antelope canyon with all the navajo's.
sorry this picture kind of reaks, due to the different sun splotches and lack of flash usage due to rules saying no flash. also, i don't know how to use my new camera yet soo.

we rode on seats in the bed of the truck and pretty much bounced 1-2 feet in the air whenever we hit a small rock or bump. it was like an amusement park ride and a tour with navajo's all in one. a two-fer! two fer one! what a steal!
this is my brother.
 and this is antelope canyon. prits neat.

lake pal was great with my powells.
and i think i liked it enough to maybe even do it again next year.
...lemme ask my dad.