my favorite place

this weekend i paid logan a visit. logan really is one of my favorite places on this earth. and it also contains some of my favorite people on this earth.

i got to see rachel in all her glory. she gave me a box of mac 'n cheese and let me make myself dinner at her house. then we had a bonfire in the canyon which was so great. i love logan canyon in the summer time and i love bonfires. i also love rachel and her main squeeze, josh. so it was just so great to see them.

i drew this picture of rachel, me, and josh and mailed it to rachel with my utilities check and it was hanging on her fridge! so we tried to make it a real picture, but it's backwards. but, ya know. whatevs.
katie carter let me stay with her at her house. we had big plans to go cliff jumping and have a big water balloon fight. but then it rained and it washed away our plans. instead we got pizza, made cookies, watched movies and went rock climbing (before the rain)! it was really great.

i also got to see mark. we made some delicious food, watched House Bunny, played cards, and played with apps. he also modeled with my purse and he makes that purse look goood.

I also got to see some other people who are not pictured, unfortunately. And I got to see my old Bishopric. I love them. 

Logan is my homeboy. I've missed him.


this is good.

these are great....
1. making plans to go to logan this weekend.
2. lake powell is in 16 days!
3. nine more days of working at the hospital.
4. finished my 10 page paper last night.
5. going to the temple.
6. got to go in the operating room today.
7. snapchat will forever be on this list.
8. doing tpn orders at work (total parenteral nutrition... nutrition into the vein).
9. talking to mother dear
10. finally getting laundry done after a long debate of going to a sketchy laundromat or the sketchy basement. the sketchy basement has won, but it's late, so everyone is going to beddy bye. therefore, decreasing the sketch.



i hate those texts. the ones that just say, "hey". like, you don't say hey or hello over text. you say it when you are walking past someone. texting is for things that have a purpose. and 'hey' does not have a purpose. and so if someone texts me, "hey," then my reply will not be happening.

texting conversations suck, unless it's with megan or rachel or good friends. but if it's some boy that you don't know that well yet, then why don't they just take you out and you can have your texting conversation over dinner? 


mt timp

on friday, my dad and i hiked mt timpanogos. it is 16 miles round trip and about 4900 feet of elevation gain. that's like hiking straight up almost a mile!

i've been wanting to do this hike for years with my dad. we've just never found a time that we could both do it in the small window of time when the weather permits.

we got up at 4:10 am and started the hike at 5:45 am. lovely. it was a good thing we did, though, because it took us 10 hours and 20 minutes.

the view the whole time was quite amazing.

we hiked across snow for a good 45 minutes. in july. weird. the day before we had gone boating on the lake and then the next day we were hiking in snow.

the end was the killer. it was ever so steep. we saw some mountain goats doing their thing, running across the thinnest of rocks like it was nothing. we made it to the saddle and could look over the whole valley. it was quite a sight to behold. we sat and ate lunch, then my dad sent me to the top because he was just too tuckered out. he'd done it before so he wasn't too sad to not make it to the very top this time. it was only another 45 minutes up, and up it was. it was halfsies of hiking and rock climbing. but i made it to the top! 4900 feet up from where i'd started!

on the way down, we almost died. our buns were s'dang sore. i was blistering on my heel and my legs were aching and my feet were killing me. and we ran out of water. good thing dad had his trusty water filter and we got water from the river. i haven't gotten sick yet so i think the filter did it's job in stopping me from drinking any diseases.

anyway, i don't know if i would call it 'fun', but i would definitely say it was awesome. and it was a good time with my daddio. One thing checked off my bucket list. Dun dun.

At the saddle
At the tippity top


some cool peeps

holy crap, i have the best friends. as i have made quite obvious, i hated this town that i moved to a few weeks ago. and even though i've gotten used to it and made some friends, i still miss my old friends. i miss logan. i miss south jordan. i miss everyone.

well, some of my friends have been so awesome and done some real nice things for me.

carlee and katie came up to visit me my very first full weekend here. they freed me from boredom and loneliness, and helped me make some friends. what catches, they are.

rachel sent me a huge package. the biggest i've ever gotten! on it said 'schmemily jenkins-poop'. i'm sure the mailman loved that. inside was a whole shopping spree of clothes along with m&m's, spree's, and a fish bowl with everything but the water and the fish. rachel made me promise to get a fish and name him 'totes', so i whill.

lizzie was in salt lake a few weeks ago and was driving back home to boise. i was doing homework in my front room when i hear a knock on the front door. no one has ever knocked on that door, or any door, since i have lived here so i was quite confused. i opened the door and lo and behold a cute little mexican lady was standing on my doorstep! it was such a good surprise.

and finally, last night i got a letter in the mail from my friend, jon. i never get letters! it really was the nicest thing.

i have the best friends/family/peeps.