everyone else is doing it, so i'm gonna be festive myself 
and write a few things i'm grateful for...

sisters. and brother.
big sister who knows how to help me get unstressed.
mom and dad's cooking skills. and them.
my calling (fhe head lady).
family traditions, like playing hearts.
beards. patchless, of course.
so many great friends. new and old.
the feeling you get when you accomplish goals.



Barack Obama, reelected. Who is everyone kidding?! You're mental, that's all I'm saying. All of you Barack lovers. One day, maybe, you will realize that you helped screw all of us Americans, and we will never ever ever forgive you. Like, ever.

For another FOUR years, we have to look at Michelle Obama's extremely large lips and forehead and listen to people's fibs about how she's gorgeous and a great role model for women. We have to listen to Joe Biden laugh his head off about things that aren't funny and talk about people having big balls, cause he's jealous. We have to listen to Barack's lies and count how many times he says "fair", cause if one person doesn't have money, obviously no one should. I have to watch other people get an Obamaphone in jealousy, because I'm not white trash enough to get one (I guess I'll take my good looks and clean skin over a free phone). We also get to pay for Obama to play golf and party with black rappers.

We could have been looking at Mitt's salt and pepper hair. Admiring his and Paul Ryan's handsome faces. Making the name 'Tagg' popular. Laughing in Joe Biden's face. Making lazy people get off their hind ends and maybe possibly work for their money? Been proud of our country and it's leader.

If only Mitt was black, too.

It's a sad world we live in. Maybe, one day, we won't live in it anymore.



it's back. we're only on day 2, but it's back at last.

this is a great month for girls like me, who love beards. it's a shame it only comes along one month out of twelve. for some sad reason men have this idea in their minds that women hate facial hair and so they need an excuse like no shave november to grow one. whoever the girl was that made that up should never be able to shave again.

i do know of some girls that like to do no shave november.
they're pretty vocal about it, which is kind of weird to me.
i mean, i wouldn't want anyone to know if i had a mustache to shave.
but, maybe it's their legs they're talking about?