powell lake

last week was the best week of my life practically.
it very easily could have been the worst though.
i went with the fam for the first time to lake powell, the best place on earth. 2 hours into the 6 hour drive down to page, arizona, dad's trucks turbo went off. that means that we got to go 15 mph up the hill on the freeway till we could turn around. we then waited 2.5 hours in scipio while carlee, andrew, katelyn, and katie brought the sequoia and the little car. thank heavens they left hours after us. we left the truck and the keys at a random little car shop that was closed for the night. lindsay and i explored the farmlands and old totalled cars. we arrived in page at 3am, 9 hours after we left. dad was falling asleep near the end, so i kept him awake with a hard back massage every 15 minutes. when we arrived at the hotel, we found the the strap holding the boat on had ripped. we tied it up and it worked alright. we had a blast and stuff, but then the third day came. dad biffed it wakeboarding and in the process chipped 2 of his teeth and hurt his knee bad. he found a dentist that night in page who fixed him up temporarily. oh, and my itouch went out on me the day before we left. so i had no ipod or instagram all the ride there and back.
but other than that, it was this awesome...

i could argue that it was better than a cruise. but it might've tied.
we wakeboarded, wakeskated, slalum skied, tubed, and drank pop and chips all the days.


family pics

my friend, megan, took some shnazzy pics for my family the other day.
we're besties and have been forevs.
people used to ask if we were sisters. we're not. (see my real sisters down below).
check her out.

 or check her blog out. either, or.

here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

 As you can see, Dad was having a jolly time.



My brother is graduating Officer Candidate School in the Marines this week.
 Sometimes, I'm embarrassed that he's so cool.

[he's the tall, good looking one...
kinda like me, except for the tall part]

Andrew is one of my favorite people. I've always wanted to be just like him, ever since I was young.

Andrew played soccer, then I played soccer. 
He broke his nose playing soccer, then I fractured mine playing soccer.
Andrew listened to rock music like Hoobastank and Red Hot Chili Peppers. So I did.
He played bass in a band, then I played guitar in a band. 
Andrew was cocky, so I got cocky.

[these are most likely not all purposeful]

One time, I wanted a copy of his Hoobastank cd. So in exchange for letting me burn it (he didn't have to do a thing btw), he made me do the dishes on his night... and then I had to go get the cd and make a copy.

One time on the first day of school, he sent me this voice message:


...So you see why I always wanted to be like him.

Now that he's joined the Marines, I think my copycat days are over.
[but for reals i didn't copy everything he did, just some stuff]