So I've just started a photography blog:

Yes, I know the name isn't that original. But, it really is my (Emily Jenkins) photography. So, that's that.

I've always (well, for a very long time) wanted to be a photographer. But after doing it at school for a while I decided that that's not what I wanted to major in. I did not want to take all those film and drawing classes. So I changed my major to Dietetics. But, I still would love to be a photographer. And if it doesn't become a career it will still be a hobby.

So my goals are:
-Take pictures of as many people/things as possible
-Save enough money to get an SLR camera
-Work on my photoshop skills


Pie Party, Baby!

It was a fly party! Fly pie party! Na na na na!
Yes, our 2nd annual Pie Party was indeed a very Fly Party.

I made some delicious Banana Pie, but I didn't cool it long enough, so it got kinda soupy.
But there were 6 delicious pies made by me, Megan, Erica, and Erica's sister, Andrea.
  • Banana
  • Chocolate
  • Strawberry Blueberry
  • Peanut Butter
  • Coconut Cream
Pretty soon, Peter (also known as Pener) came along bearing a pizza.
It was vegetarian. I guess he was trying to send some sort of message.
Not long after came Bradley Birdsley.
Then came Ben. He's got a fro, and it kept fro'in me off, cause he looked like a black man.
We played some Uno, which Pener won.
Then we played outside with rocks.
Then me and Birdsley played some Jenga while Megan, Erica, and Peter played some Dreamphone.
It was nice.
And that concludes our Pie Party.
The pies were quite glorious.
The company, just as good.
The memories, priceless.


Summer Frolick List

Is a list that Erica, Megan, and I came up with. It's a list of things we want to do this summer. There are 50 tasks on this list. But we already have 6 accomplished.

Today we completed task #3 by going to Oquirrh Lake in Daybreak and eating shakes on the bridge. While Megan and I were waiting for Erica to arrive, we were sitting on the bridge talking and a bird flew by and pooped... about a foot away from Megan. Ha! It was really funny.

Then we took a turn about the Lake and lo and behold, there were some sprinklers! Running through sprinklers just happens to be Task #29 on our list, so we took advantage of this convenience.