school elections

next week is school elections and i've had at least three people ask me to help them with their campaign, some more than once. don't they understand that if i don't respond to their facebook message, that means no?! why should i care about student elections. if you get in office, you're not gonna lower tuition. you're not gonna listen to my voice and do what i think is best or what other students want. you're gonna do what you want. it's just a thing. i'm graduating, anyhow, so it doesn't effect me.

nobody cared about the big elections. the election for president of this country. they all got chapped at those people, like myself, that posted a lot of election stuff. sorry that you don't care about who leads our country, but you do care about who is to be the next most popular person on campus.

school elections=annoying. throw a cool dance party or concert and i'll vote for you. but probably still not because i don't wanna go online and actually vote. waste. of. my. time.


Monday was Presidents Day. On Sunday we celebrated with a party of sorts. 
We had a festive photobooth with dress up items, as you can see below.


I live for this kind of stuff... festive themed parties.
Two of my favorite sisters came up, Katie and Lindsay. 

 Lindsay drew some pictures...

...and that's all there is to it.



Last night I went to the Jazz game with some friends.
 Marty, Bradley, Dallon, and Katie
As pictured below.

 We drove down to Salt Lake, got some food, and partied all night long.
The Jazz won. Against the Thunder. That's kind of a big deal.

There's not really much to tell, but we look pretty. So that should be good enough.


mardi gras

Last night was Mardi Gras. At first it was kinda lame... we got air brush tattoos. Mine says "Born to Ride". I wanted one that said "Angel" with a halo on the A, but they couldn't find it. So I had to settle for second most middle schoolesque.

Eventually, the dance became hoppin and that's when the fun began. I got super hyper and went cray cray. I accidentally punched a girl in the head while dancing... sorry lady. It wasn't very hard, though.

At one point, I was dancing hard; didn't care who I bumped into or who thought I was a freak. Some guy started making a circle around me. He like moved people to clear a fairly sized circle around me. I've never been in a real dance circle before. Let alone dance classy enough to get one made especially for me. Twice.

I'm gonna add that to my bucket list and check it off!

Here's a little video to show my after Mardi Gras hangover, if you will, with Lizzie.



I'm moving to this place in the fall. Back to my roots. I was born there, but we moved when I was a mere three years old. I don't remember it at all, but I have a love for it for obvious reasons.

I'm moving there for part of my dietetics internship. I am stoked. Mostly just to move somewhere new and especially somewhere as pretty as Vancouver, Washington. It's 5 hours away from Canada, 4 hours away from Forks, and 3 hours away from Seattle. I will be visiting all of those places. Oh, and it's like ten minutes away from Portland. Right by the Columbia River. 

What a dream.



why can't more men be gentle? like, a gentleman?
...walk a girl home at night.
...open her car door.
...drive when you go places together so she doesn't have to.
...have a two sided conversation.
girls will like you more. it's just a thing.