i like.

1 Writing new songs.
2 Dark nails
3 New friends. And old ones.
4 Never making plans.
5 Cute boys.
6 No contacts.
7 My iPod touch.
8 Compliments.
9 Dutty Love by Sean Kingston
10 Cardigans.



I have some things I want to do this year. Some of them should have been done sooner. But now's better than never. These resolutions include:
  • Bear my testimony in church.
  • Buy an SLR camera.
  • Get a 3.5 GPA or better this spring.
  • Get up on the dang wakeboard.
  • Perform my music in public.
  • Eat some Indian cuisine in America.
  • Get out of the country. Or atleast the state.

After I complete each goal I'll blog about my experience. Some might be kind of boring, others may not. Either way, I'm really excited. And I won't fail. Atleast not without trying.


last year.

Was a good year, I'd say. 2010.

I bought my first pair of heels this year. That's kind of a big deal, considering I'm a shrimpo. Atleast compared to my family.

Andrew got married in April. And his wife is pretty cool. Good thing, cause she got 4 new sisters. And you know how girls can be.

Megan and I went on a bunch of photoshoots this year, so as to improve our photography skills while having nice bff bonding time. We hung out a ton and I miss it.

I went to India for 6 weeks. Near the end I wanted to go home so bad and I swore I'd never miss it. But, I do. I really, really do. I miss the kids, the music, the food, the mall, the shopping, riding with Jailsingh on his motorcycle, the auto's, even the nasty streets.

I've played my guitar this semester more than I ever have, I think. I played a lot in high school... but not this much. I love it. I'm learning tons of new songs and writing some. I feel like I've improved a lot, too.

Katie got back from her mission in Boston. I love hanging out with her because we almost never fight. She's been home for one month and we've only gotten cross with each other once, which hardly counts.

I got Lasik eye surgery last week. It was absolutely terrifying. Everyone said that it was super quick and easy and painless. They lied. After my first eye I wanted to ask them if I could cry for 5 minutes before they did my other eye. But I didn't. And they moved right on to the next eye. I made it through though. Katie did it right before me, so it was nice that we did everything together afterwards.

Those are some highlights of 2010. There are many more, but these are the ones I can think of.



Best things about Christmas this year:
1 Bowling Christmas Eve. I got my first turkey ever.
2 My new iPod Touch.
3 The whole family being home. All 8 of us.
4 Hanging out with Katie, since I haven't seen her for 18 months!
5 Shopping.
6 Playing with Erica and Megan. We haven't all played together since July. And by golly, I missed it!
7 Tacano's + Temple Square + Jazz game.
8 Hanging out with college friends.
9 Getting Lasik over with and knowing I'll never have to wear glasses again. Unless I get old...which I do hope to.
10 Just relaxing and playing my guitar everyday and not stressing about school.