Sometimes when you have cool friends you do cool things.

Sometimes when you have stupid friends you do stupid things.

Kinda like that one time last week when I went with my friends to Porcupine Dam out yonder in Who-ville and jumped off a 50 foot cliff, chipping my pride and joy... my front tooth.

It all started when my cool friends and I swam across the dam with arm floaties like little children in a bath tub.

Took me about 5 minutes to scrape up the courage to jump off the lowest jump; lower than a high dive, mind you.

From there, there was no stopping me I guess.

This is where the stupid friends come in.

I kept going higher and higher, each time taking me a few minutes and a few almost-jumps to jump.

Then. My friend said, "Em! Come up here, to the 50 foot cliff and jump off and almost die! It's fun!"

And I said, "Well, I'll have a look."

But of course, once I was up there I couldn't just walk back down like a fool. So, I jumped down. Like stupid.

While I was flailing in the air for 3 seconds I thought to myself, "WHOA!"

It. was. high.

I landed gracefully. But not totally, because I chipped my tooth on my other tooth.

I thought my world was over. If I had to choose my favorite body part, it would be the teeth that God, my parents, and Dr. McDonough gave me.

Now I have another soul to thank for them. Dr. Sundberg. He fixed it right up and I guess they're as good as new.

So, next time you're cliff jumping with your friends, keep it cool, not stupid.


  1. Those good teeth givers are great aren't they? Saints I tell ya.