holy crap, i just did a triathlon!

i've never done a race before and it was one of my new years goals. well, my goal was actually to run a 10k or a half marathon. but i think this counts. it was a 500 yard swim, 9 mile bike, and 5k run. it kicked my butt pretty good. a nice little chunk of that biking was uphill, which was killer. and i didn't even have a road bike! no matter, i still finished in 1 hour and 26 minutes. my goal was an hour and a half, so i barely beat it. and i beat my records in swimming and running!

the whole time i was racing i kept thinking, "what was i thinking?!"
but even though i kind of hated it, i also really loved it. and once i forget the hate part, i'll probably do it again!

this kid, mark, right here kicked my butt. but i knew he would; he has a gender advantage! he kind of got me into doing this triathlon, so holler! best day ever.


viva la fiesta: 2013 edition

Last night we threw a huge Fiesta.
It was kinda like last year. The bean dip doesn't look quite as fancy this year, but that's because the boys helped. So, it's not my fault. Obviously.
 We had a fun dance party, DJ'd by only the best, Jason. Or DJ Dub as he calls himself. This is what I live for. My entire body hates me today because I was getting so down on the dance floor.
 We had a cute little photobooth. Aren't those letters adorable? I made them myself. We had festive props such as a fake beer bottle, maracas, and fake mustaches. I used mascara for my mustache, which proved to be flawless.
Here are the founders of the party... plus that kid in the asian hat.
Ya know, when I dance, I get all sweaty and my cheeks get real red and I'm not really that pretty of a sight. Good thing it's dark on the dance floor. And good thing I can shake my booty. I'm pretty sure.


fiesta: the before

So, a few days ago I made a Facebook event titled, "Viva la Fiesta". Really nice, right? Right.

This was the description that I wrote:
Come dance the night away like a true Mexican! There will even be a real half Mexican there!

Features include:
-Giant 7 layer dip
-Dance party featuring DJ Dub
-Mexican Photobooth with sombreros and mustaches to make you look like a true Mexican
-Pin the mustache on the Mexican
-Bonfire to burn your mustache
-Giant Nacho Libre poster for your viewing pleasure

Dress up like a Mexican and come shake your booty like one, too. If you don't know how, there will be Mexican booty shaking lessons.
Now, I know exactly what you're thinking.... 
...am I right? 

Well, some girl commented and said it was culturally insensitive. "Not going to lie the description of this is offensive," she said.

Um excuse me. A half Mecican helped me write this! Well, not really. But she supported my writing of this and helped me plan the party! Oh how I would love to go to an American party with features like fat suits, pin the chest hair on the white man, and hot dog dip on the table.

I guess you're only supposed to throw fiestas if you're Mexican. Luckily I dressed the part well.



i'm currently diggin...

1. 8tracks (best music website)
2. nicknames
3. my suede oxfords
4. running (i hate it but i crave it)
5. the fact that i'm graduating in less than 4 weeks
6. my neighbors
7. party planning
8. 'hall of fame' by the script
9. the helium app
10. warm weather



my phone is almost 4 years old. it has served me quite well since the loss of my last phone. that one fell out of my pocket on a ride at lagoon. on my birthday. so i didn't receive all of my 'happy birthday' texts. yesterday, part of my phone broke. it's a flip phone, and one side broke off so it's very flimsy right now. it was horrible news, as i was trying to hold out another year till i finish my internship, get a career, and get rich enough to afford an iphone and data plan. chyeah right. now i have to probably get another crappy phone for two years until my contract is up. in two years, i WILL have an iphone. that's that.