yep, i saw it.

and sure liked it.

some of it was a little much. but, you know. whatevs.

it's got the whole package. creepy. provocative. vampires. cheesy. weird. ugly. handsome. vomit. action. wolves. blood. baby. anorexia. pretty music. listening to minds. anger. motorcycle. bella. you know, things every good movie needs.

now i don't get what's up with all this "harry potter is so much better than twilight crap". i thought that was common sense. how do the two even relate, i ask?

you can't say harry is better than edward because they are totally different things. harry is a weird looking wizard while edward is a not-too-shabby looking vampire. 

their only similarity is that they both read minds. harry reads voldemort's mind, edward reads everyone's minds. oh, and that they both look pretty untasteful when shirtless.

but those are minor details.

if you really want to say that harry potter is better, twilight would have to be more similar.

such as,

edward loves bella, who is a muggle. edward was muggle born, also considered a mudblood (bad word) but found out at age 17 (a little late, seeing as he should have been graduating hogwarts at that time) that he had special vampire powers. volturimort didn't like edward because when he killed edwards mother, the curse backfired and made him into a vampire. so volturimort when on a rampage to kill edward. so edward hid in bella's room under his invisibility cloak while she slept. he wanted her muggle blood.

anyway, you get my drift.

so twilight haters, back off.

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  1. You totally forgot that edward is cedric digory, but cedric is "younger" than edward, so maybe Voldemort really didn't kill cedric because he was really a magical vampire and is now in the witness protection program!!!