have you ever run in to someone that you met once long ago for like a second and so you both just pretend that you've never seen each other cause you don't wanna be creepy and then you relearn their name and their major and friends you might have in common? and even sometimes listen to stories you've already heard before?

i haven't. and i hate it when people do that. they're willing to look retarded in exchange for not looking 'creepy'. bless their creepy little hearts.

in my experience, it always goes like this:
the other person pretends they don't know me or that they vaguely remember meeting me but don't know where or how or why. but me, i'm not afraid to say,

"oh hey, i remember you. we met like 4 months ago because my friends wanda and sassy had a movie night and we talked for like a min and oh.. you're majoring in asian studies. right? right. i totally remember! and you like it but you don't really know what you'll do with it except live with some asians. oh and you were dating that one girl! are you still together? oh and i remember how you told me that one story about how one time you were in class and someone said that one thing and everybody laughed! haha that was a funny story... you really don't remember me?!"



  1. Yeah, maybe a little. I always try to decide which way to lean. I guess it depends on if he's cute or if she's obnoxious. Always a mental debate...

  2. "Bless their creepy little hearts."
    Haha. This is hysterical.