I have the best one in the world.
AKA Father, Dad, Daddy, Pappy, Daddio, and probably some more.
He's bald, he's buff, and he looks really good with scruff.
D'you wanna know why he is so cool?


He's classy.

He's coordinated.

He's romantic.

And then some.

He's the coolest.

One time while playing Scrabble he tried to put "Hogfat".

One time in high school when I was taking the class of death, Chemistry, I was on what Mom and Dad called "Mandatory Study Time" because of crappy grades. Dad was helping me with chemistry because that's his forte. I was frustrated and mad when I came across an element, Selenium. Dad said, "It's Selenium Dion!" Humor like this is what got me through those nights. And I've never thought of Chemistry, or Celine Dion, the same since.

I went home for the weekend a few months ago and I needed to tell Mom and Dad about my Dietetics program since I had just gotten in. There's a really expensive internship I have to do and it's a year long after I graduate. So I started to tell them about it.
Me: "Dad, I have some kind of bad news..."
Dad: "What? Are you pregnant?!"

I love my dad.

Oh. Btw, I'm not pregnant.



Allergy season is here. And with it comes something that I've never had a huge problem with before.

I'm whistling all the time.

I can't fall asleep because of it. I try to stop, but I just can't help it. I wake up in the middle of the night whistling and it takes me ages to fall back asleep. I just can't stop.
Don't you just love a stuffy nose?