Awww man. Thanksgiving break was epic!
Um, jk, I hate that word.
It was just really, really good.
Here are some of the highlights:

Shooting with Father
Jazz game with Father. Best Jazz game ever. We beat the Lakers.
HP with Carlee and Lindsay. Definitely the best one. The only problem,
the guy next to me kept belching.
It was nasto.
And a baby in front of us kept whining...
Wrestling with Andrew. Mom made us stop, but it was really fun.
He shows no mercy.
Cafe Rio twice in one day. Thank you Mom and Dad.
Showing Andrew and Dad the Gay Lobbyist video. Andrew had to get up and leave the room he was laughing so hard.



On Friday night, we started our quest to see the Jazz win. This quest failed, however, because they lost. We included Brucey, Liz, Lizzie, Matt, Andrew, and me. I drove down to Matt's house with him and Bruce. Our car ride was quite the party. Liz, Lizzie, and Andrew drove together, which probably sucked. So we got to Matt's house, said hello to his mother, and all crammed in his car. Traffic was pretty bad, so we finally got to The Gateway parking like 20 minutes before the game.

We had a feast at Panda and ran to the ESA (some of us). Bruce, Lizzie, and I got in but I took all the tickets so Matt, Andrew, and Liz were stopped by the ticketman. Woops. Not to worry; we got it all resolved quickly. We got up to our seats but 4 people were in them. I told them they were our seats and they said, "Well, some people are in our seats." What the?! But Bruce and Lizzie had already moved up to sit in the row behind, so I just went with it. But at half time I told them to scoot and we got our seats. Not long after, we got some hookups and Andrew and I got to go sit on row 19 lower bowl. We were so close, I could see the freckles on Deron's face and the gum in Ronnie's mouth.

After the game we went to Dairy Queen and got some icecream. It was delightful. Some really weird things happened there, which are not for the telling.

Here's Brucey:

After ice cream, we said goodbye to Matt at his house and drove back to Logan. It was quite the car ride. Bruce, Lizzie, and I were in the back. We danced, massaged, talked about cuddling, and smacked knees. Holler.


Man Shoot