hair be gone

so, i made a large mistake recently. my hair was like, decently long but stopped getting longer because it was getting dead ends. on account of i never cut it. so i was like, "hey, my hair's gettin really gross and dead and stuff." so then i thought, "i better cut it to get it all rejuvenated." so then i went to get it cut and do you know what i told my hairstylist?

two horrible words.

"four inches"

what i didn't realize is that my whole hair is only five inches.

so cut away my hairs she did and i was just like, "doo do doo do doo... this is fun!"

and then i looked in the mirror and my hair was gone.

it was like, above my (to make this landmark sound more appropriate) "mid chest"! i can't remember the last time it was that short.

anyway, now i look like a little child everyday and it's not my fav thing.