Spring Break = Over

Well, Spring Break was pretty stellar.
I went to Carlee's St. Patrick's Day Party. And ate. A lot.
I partied with Megan in Orem. We went to an Art Museum and Antique Shopping. And, of course, the mall. I got 3 new shirts and 3 pairs of shoes!
I got my first pair of heels! And wedges!
I played Settlers of Catan with Dad and Lindsay. And lost. How dare them. Lindsay won. It's okay though, cause she's never won before. As long as Dad doesn't win.
Us girls got our wedding dresses. Or, dresses for not our wedding.
Dad and Mother took me to Joe Morley's where I devoured some beef and beans.
I hung out with my new friend, JC.
And then I did some other stuff.


Spring Break, Where Are You?

I just can't wait for Spring Break! I need a break, so what better than a SPRING break?! Ha. Ha. Ha.
My plans:
Go shooting with Father.
Play Settlers of Catan. And win.
Take Engagements for Andrew (possibly).
Party with Carlee.
Party with Lindsay.
Party with Megan.
Go Shopping for clothes! (Last time this was done was.... November. Ish.)
Hang out with Mother.
Go out to eat with the Fam.
Sleep in a comfortable bed that doesn't give me knots.
And many more.