thnx again

Round 2. Since it's November and you know, gratitude.

I'm grateful for.... 

Priesthood blessings. And having a dad that is always worthy and more than willing to give me one. 

Wise parents that will give me sound advice and that want to help me.

Having parents that tell me they love me often. I've realized how rare it is in families to hug each other and say 'I love you' everyday. 

(Wow, this has turned out to be a parents post. So I guess I'll keep it up!)

Family Night. We had it every single Monday growing up and it brought our family closer.  Because of it I knew my parents had a testimony, I knew my siblings had testimonies, I grew a testimony, and we all strengthened each other's testimonies.

My selfless mother. She has proven that serving others brings happiness. She is doing things for neighbors almost daily. She does things for my family daily. And she is very happy.

I really have such great parents.



I am thankful for...
(warning: mushy post. compared to my usual, at least)

..in anything.
i love the feeling when i'm working towards a goal or when i
accomplish something i've been working towards. I don't like feeling stuck or
like I'm not moving forward.

what would i do without it?
nothing, i think.
writing and playing music is such a huge part of me and i feel so fulfilled
when i write something or learn something new. 

they're who i go to for advice or just to cry to.
they're always there for me.

the temple.
i've been going a lot more often this fall and i've noticed that i have a
much larger desire to
serve more, pray more, read my scriptures more, and i'm just happier.

they're just the best.


the northwest revisited: part 4

On the last day, we woke up and went to Carol's Corner Cafe with Betty for breakfast. When I lived up there, Betty would take me to breakfast or lunch there most weeks. We'd get fries and creamy chicken noodle soup and a massive pancake. We got all that for breakfast and more. And it was delightful. We got mint hot chocolate at McSteven's and also biscuits and gravy hot chocolate. We stopped by Multnomah Falls on the way out. What a treat!
Miss you already, Northwest. 

the northwest revisited: part 3

On day three we drove up to Seattle. Well, ish. We drove up to Bremerton and drove on into the ferry and took an hour ferry ride right into Seattle. It was gorgeous. Pine trees lined the Puget Sound and then you could see the city get bigger and bigger as we got closer. I loved it. 

We pulled into the city and took a great ride on the Great Wheel, went to get some candy at the gum wall, took a ghost tour, went to Pike's Market, and just explored the city.

On our drive back to the 'Couv there was rain like you wouldn't believe. I was scared out of my britches, but I still managed to keep drifting off. Worst copilot eeever. Lizzie and Jake were totally out in the back seat. Luckily Brian drove us back with ease and we didn't die.