a saucer

And some tubes.
My friends, Jon, Jerimiah, Andrew, Macall, Sarah, and I went sledding last night.
Macall and I had no snow pants, so we just went pantless.
Kidding. We wore thermals and jeans. It wasn't so bad.
We went to Old Main Hill, which is a bother to walk up. We had two tubes and a saucer.
The saucer was saucy, like jello.

We threw some snowballs at each other. My aim isn't accurate very much.
But it's okay, because I had the funnest time on the tubes.

I went to the very top of the hill. You slide down, hit a sidewalk, then slide down some more whilst getting some air. It's a titch dangerous. But a few titches fun.
Andrew did it with me once, and we went down so freaking fast, it was even funny!
Then Macall and I got on the tubes. Andrew jumped in front of us to scare us, which was successful.
I tried to stop myself and as a result, turned around and flipped over my tube onto my back/head/butt. It was nice. My butt is sore as the dickens. I went for another round; this time Macall fell off and I went cruising down. So I guess it was worth it.

We went to 7-Eleven to get some hot chocolate. I put 3 things of cream, 1 1/2 things of caramel, and lots of titches of marshmallows. It was goood.

I like going sledding and getting hot chocolate with 3 things of cream, 1 1/2 things of caramel, and lot of titches of marshmallows.



I hate being sick.
It's cause I don't feel good when I'm sick.
And I don't like not feeling good.
Especially when I'm sick.
I took three Vitamin C pills today to try to stop it from coming.



On Sunday, my roommates and I and a whole lot of other people celebrated

Martin Luther King.

I've been wanting to have a party like this for years but people told me it was racist. But ya know what? The whole point is to celebrate race so this year I embraced it.

We had "I have a dreamsicles", white and chocolate mlk, and I made homemade oreos, 
which represent whites and blacks coming together. 
I made over 55 oreos and seriously after 20 minutes they were all gone.
I wanted some, dang it!
We also had a sign that said, "What's your dream?" and people wrote inspiring things like 
'embrace the llama inside', 'to be pretty', and 'to get some'.

My cool friend, Cam, drew a lovely picture of
himself as a black man dancing and fire burning on the dance floor.
He told me there was a black man gettin down in my family room.

And not to brag or anything, but me and my roomies, we throw a bad ace party.


ma possy

Okay, I know this picture is horrible quality. But, oh well. We did roommate pictures the other day and this is how the one I took turned out.

Here on the left is Rachel. She works at Papa Murphy's and provided us with pizza for dinner. She told us a story of how she said 'papperoni pizza' and what if she had just said 'pap' instead of 'pep'? The picture got even funnier when i wrote 'one pap' and then yelled, "Oh no! I smeared it!". It took me a minute to get it. She also wears classy ugg boots.

Dearest Camille has the loudest, funniest laugh. She also loves to speak Spanish. I dunno if you can tell, but she's saying, "Como es how are you?". She's 24ish and dating an 18 year old. Hence the small child. But don't worry, he really isn't that small. 

Macall loves to sing lots and lots. In her room, in the shower, at the gym, in her sleep. She also has a singer boyfriend, Travis, which is why she's saying, "I heart Travis".  I've never met him but I've heard he's just lovely. She also has really nice hair, hence the flow.

Last the best, or least, is me. My arms are out gettin ready to chest shimmy. I like mustaches. And I used to have a crab until my friend, Lizzie, starved it to death. According to Rachel, my leg warmers are NOT cute. And I like fiestas and parties of the sort, hence the sombrero.

So anyways, it's a pretty good photo I'd say. It reps us prittty good. I hope it is an inspiration to all.



a few days ago i moved. i said 'laterz' to my messy messy roommates and said 'howd...' to my almost new roommates. then i moved again and said 'howdy' to my new and final roommates.

i first moved to some apartments behind my house. then i found a bottle of ale, a cheetah print flask, and a few sluts. also, a cheetah print dust pan. and hot mitten. so i said to my landlord, "um, can i move?" and he said, "mmmkay".

so i moved to another house he owns called the huntington. aka hammock house. soon to be aka lollipop house.

me and the new pops are pretty cool.



eve of twelve

So I never heard there was a New Year's Eve bunny. But there is. I can't prove it to you. You'll just have to trust me.

While at my sister Carlee's New Year's Eve Party we were dancing to some posh music with a black light and a strobe light. Yeah, I realize that doesn't go well together. That's because we were really listening to party music. Now, not to brag, but I'm a really really good dancer at dance parties. Carlee and her roommate, Bitty, can also dance like no one's business.

However, some of their guests could not.

Particularly one girl. Now, you may call me biased, and I am. But, this time, I'm not. We were all dancing in a circle, then all the sudden this particular girl grew some huge ears and her rear end led the way while she hopped backwards to her friend. They giggled and laughed, thinking she was scandalous. Well, I showed her scandalous.

Anyway, rewind a little bit. I went to a party with my friend, Natalie. It was nice. We had 'lundyburgers' aka hamburger bun with hamburger patty, hot dog, and bacon. They're quite interesting.

After that party I went to Carlee's party. We played Phase 10 then danced. That's when the bunny happened. After a while we got some goodies. At about 11:55, Carlee and I decided that we were gonna dance for the rest of the year! So we did. And that's how we brought in the new year.