boat 'n go

Boating is probably in my list of 'Top 1 Favorite Thing To Do', as you can probably tell by the looks of this picture coming up. Unfortunately, it's over till next year. Which means this winter's gonna be a cold one. Cold in my heart.     
This was on a 'hot summer day' when we were getting ready to tube. You may laugh, but goggles do offer a certain kind of freedom, if you will, while tubing. 


I've learned a few things this year while boating. I mean, I was out 9 or 10 times this summer, so I think I know my stuff by know, thanks. 

1. No matter what the temperature, it's always a 'hot summer day' to Mom. Or so she tells us so we'll get our butts in the water. 
2. The Banana Boat can be vicious. Cuts and bruises are often given.
3. When your goggles break, it sucks.
4. Don't trust your friends. Pretty much every bit of damage that has happened to the boat or toys on the boat are because of friends. (Don't take it personally, they weren't my friends).
5. Boating makes you tan for 1 day afterwards.
6. If you biff it, it better be with style. Like so.

7. A good photographer is vital.
8. If the water is choppy, or 'chop chop', then you're gonna suck out there.
9. If you swallow a gulp of water in Utah Lake, you've probably got your leafy greens for the day.
10. If you want Dad to run off the boat or climb the tower and jump, just play 'Fly Like An Eagle'. And he'll fly, oh, he'll fly.


  1. Aha! This post CRACKED me up. I love the 10. I love boating. Until next year...sigh...

  2. Oh and I love your biff picture, probably the best of the season's biff pictures.