Today I was feeling pretty fiesty at work, I guess. We did a buffet for a youth conference. There's these fork dispensers where you just push a notch and a fork comes out. The kids found them fascinating.

One boy in particular was like,
 'Whoa! These are so cool! 
Are these fork dispensers your guys' main attraction?'

I looked at him and said,
'No... I am.'

As he walked away he read my name tag and said,
'Emily... I don't have a name tag.... but my name's Beau.'



there's one thing that i really really dislike a lot. 

facebook wedding groups.

sassy and wilson are getting married!!!!!!!!!     [overabundance of explanation points]
if you want an invitation to our wedding, give us your address by [enter date here] !

or, in other words, 
you invite yourself to our wedding, give us your address so we don't have to even pay attention to who we're mailing it to, and then bring us presents!!!!!!

then there's the constant facebook reminders. 
last chance to invite yourself to my wedding!

um, seriously? you really want to 'invite' 400 people to your wedding on facebook, 350 of which you barely even talk to anymore [or maybe never have talked to]? whycan'tyoujustaskmeformyaddresspersonallyinsteadofinviting400peopleatthesametime.

i never put my address down on those. cause, if you couldn't tell, i think they're retarded.

it's kinda like when people update their facebook status, 

dear everyone [yes, all 426 of you],
i lost my phone and/or got a new phone! if you want me to have your number, send me a text with your name! 

k, what?
how hard is it to just go ask the ten people whose numbers you lost, for their numbers? and if you're feeling less prideful you could even say, 
'hey, i lost your number. can i have it again? cause sometimes i like to use it.'
but, you can't do that, cause what if they said no?

facebook is making everyone stupid.