This weekend rocked.
It all started on Friday. Lizzie and I ventured down in my car to Shaunzi's house in Pleasant Grove. We had a few pit stops on the way. First, we got some baked beans and onion chips at Joe Morley's BBQ. Best food ever. Then we went to my house and got my shoes that I left. We also got to see the new tower on the boat. Awww yeah, it's freaking sweet!
When we got to Shaunzi's, we (Matt, Shaunzi, Emily L, Brooke, Audri, Andrew, and Jason) feasted on her mom's homemade Cafe Rio salads. Deeelightful. Then we played games and went hottubbing. It was steamy.

The next morning we had another feast, compliments of Shaunzi's mother again. Then we took off for Salem, where the Festival of Colors was to be held. It's at an Indian Temple, which made me really excited. And made me REALLY miss India. The chalk throwing began. We all got covered. It was awesome! On our way walking back to the car, I got roughly 35 high fives from random hoodlums.

me, jason, brooke, andrew, lizzie, emily, shaunzi

Anyway, I would totally recommend going.


this century

dang. these guys are awesome.

on saturday, lizzie, this kid, dustin, and i went to salt lake to see forever the sickest kids. also playing was this century and good charlotte. this century was awesome. i've been listening to their music nonstop since sunday. good charlotte, as always... not so good. they're super cocky and they played for 2 hours! sheesh. forever the sickest kids was awesome. lizzie and i tried to mosh but we were in the frontish so everyone was so crowded. some girls got cheesed at us for running into them, but that's what you get for being in the front! ya know!?

anywayz, i really love
this century. so i say, if you have any sense, go check them out. i especially love their mia cover. it's swell.


spring break

was really nice.
I drove home.
Mom and Dad took
Katie and me to Joe Morleys for dinner.
Soooo good.
We had baked potatoes after church and played Yahtzee.
I bought some new pants... awww yeah.
I made cauliflower soup and banana pie for the fam.
I love cooking at home cause the kitchen is big,
Mom gets all the ingredients, and dishes don't suck as much.
I hung out with Carlee at her house.
We made bakes potatoes and asparagus. Not bad at all.
We watched 'Bright Star'.
She helped me figure out my life.
I went to Noodles & Company with Katie for lunch.
Then we went to the Senate and watched a bit of floor action,
but mostly just walked around the capital.
I went to see Allred in Provo with Megan and her forever boyfriend.
Dad, Lindsay, Katie, and I saw
'I Am Number 4' in the theater.
Awww man it was good.
Then we got some Cafe.
Katie's birthday.
Andrew and KateLyn and Carlee came home.
We just hung out all day and had
sweet potatoes and bbq pork for dinner.
And cheesecake for dessert.
Then Carlee, Katie, and I watched 'Life As We Know It'.
I liked it pretty well.
Drove back to Logan.
I went longboarding with my friends, Dayton and Greg.
Dayton biffed it bad.
(fractured skull and stitches in the butt).

so, it was pretty eventful and also not so eventful. which i liked.


part 2

i did this a while ago. but I wanna do it again. so here's some songs i've been listening to lately and what i think of when i hear them.

the way we talk (the maine)
high school. summer. driving in the car with megan. i was in love with the maine.

dutty love (sean kingston)
it all started in the fall riding down to the jazz game with matt and bruce. i picked it on the ipod 2 or 3 times till matt got sick of it. next time was driving to cafe with lizzie, matt, and jake. and every time we drove somewhere for the next few weeks. so now every time I hear this song i think of matt and lizzie.

just a dream (nelly)
after dutty love got old, we moved onto this one. and you know the rest.

speak to me gently (future of forestry)
one of the first times i jammed with jake caleb came too. the three of us took turns playing a song. caleb played this one. so this song reminds me of jake and caleb.

my immortal (evanescence)
i always wanted to be in a talent show when I was younger. i learned this song on the piano around 7th grade. i tried out for the school talent show and i sure didn't make it. i was pretty bummed. especially cause a lot of the acts weren't super. but maybe mine wasn't either? anywho,
i was pretty terrified to tryout. and this song always reminds me of middle school because of this.

strawberry swing (coldplay)
my brother, andrew, is kinda weird sometimes. he would do this retarded walk to this song. never fails to make me laugh. and that's what this song reminds me of. thank you, andrew.