high school days

Megan, Erica, me (2010)

We were the best of friends back in the high school days. 
We even had a band, TeliFone Pole.
This was our first real show. 
There's so much wrong with this picture. 
What were we, especially me, thinking? I actually do remember what i was thinking.  I just wanted to wear all sorts of weird stuff, because I thought it was cool. 
We played this show at a venue called The Circuit.
Megan's friend, Nate, or Oreo as we called him hooked us up and we opened for his band. We sold roughly 30 tickets and made a little cash. I had a crush on Oreo, because he was a really fine black man (half white, half black). When his band was on, I stood right in front of him, below the stage, and stared at his face. I would have married him, but when him and his friend asked Megan and me on a date, we couldn't go because of EFY. After EFY we rarely spoke, me and Oreo. It was just so sad. I often think back and wonder what that date would have been like. Except for I really don't.
We played at my high school battle of the bands. Yeah, we didn't win, but we did make the school paper because no one expected girls to be... good.
They were like, 'Psh... a bunch of girls think they can rock?'
And we were like,
Then we played a song and they were like, 
We went on to play lots of house shows and open mics with friends.
Always ending with Denny's.
That is why I liked high school.


My texting patterns suck.

I've gotten complaints, but, I kinda think that those complaints will never be resolved. My friend will be like, "Ugh... you never text me back! You never answer your phone!" And I'm like, "Whoa! Looks like someone's gettin a liiittle too attached!" I used to be good and text people back. But, now I don't.

I have two major problems in the texting area.
1. I don't respond to texts unless they are questions... mostly.
2. If someone texts me a question, I will read it, then shut my phone and deal with it later. Like, maybe five hours later.

I hate people who do that. So, my apologies.

Texting is dumb, anyways. Mostly. Like, when you're texting someone new, you have to make sure to put smiley faces and explanation points so that they won't think you're mad! 

For instance, you can't just write: Get some.
You have to write: Get some!:)

or else they'll think you're being mean.

It's true even for me. Mostly when people text without any punctuation, I think they're pissed.
Like: get some

So basically, all I'm trying to say is, get some.



recently, i've noticed an increase in guys chasing after me.

also recently, i've noticed my hair permanently smells like fire. thanks to weekly bonfires.

so then i thought, those two things probably relate, right?

that would explain so much.

for instance,
the other night, after a bonfire, i went over to apple pi house (home of my friends, jake, andy, matt, andrew). all of us had gone bonfiring except for matt. when we walked in, i sat by him, and he instantly removed himself from the room, mumbling something about the smell. he's engaged. and this may be bold, but i'm pretty sure that he didn't want to be tempted by me sitting by him with my bonfire hair.

earlier that evening,
we were bonfiring it up at our friends, jeff and brett's house, we were all sitting around on chairs. one of jeff's friends came over. steve. now, we had been there for a good 30 minutes, so my hair was smelling rather firey. out of all the places he could have sat, he chose to sit by me! 

while at a friendly bonfire a week ago, a guy gave me a roasting stick. he then offered me a marshmallow to put on that stick. later, another guy offered me a mallow. and then another guy! i've never had that much attention in one night!


why am i so awkward?

Tonight, Rachel and I and some men in our neighborhood got some alcohol. I never thought I'd do it.

We doused tennis balls in it and lit them on fire, played hot potato, and at the end lit a firework.

Yeah, the firework took forEVER to crack after it was lit. After like 20 seconds I didn't think it would go off. I was standing with my weight on one leg, and when it went off the loud crack sound made me jump, ultimately leading to me on the ground after awkwardly losing my balance.

Let me just wonder:

Who falls on the ground from the sound of a firework going off?

I am so awkward.

Moments later, after not being able to climb up some stupid tall wall, I walked right into a hole in the grass. And fell on the ground. Strike two. All of this in front of the same people. Men, mind you.


the worst moment

in the world is when it's time to leave home to go back to logan.
i hate it.
i feel like crying, most times.
like today.
once i'm at my logan house, i'm fine. totally fine.
it's just that moment when i have to leave my momma and pops.
i get sad inside. 


welcome, summer.


I'm so excited for this summer. And it's finally arrived! Well, the no school part, but not the hot part. But that will come.

I've made a Summer Frolic List for this year. Many of the items are things I did last year that were so fun, I just have to do them again! But there are also a few that I've never done before, or at least not for a long, long time. 

Here's some of my list:

 Cliff jumping at Porcupine
(but I will be careful and not jump off the 50 foot cliff this time,
because of that one time last year)
Go to a fair 
Hike Mt Timpanogas
Lake Powell 
 Bear Lake raspberry shakes
Water fight
Bridge jumping
Pie party
Happy Hour at Sonic
Homemade ice cream  
 Dirt biking
Tandem bicycle
Rock climbing
Moth & the Flame rooftop show on June 1st
Play Taste Testers
Read a book

I love the summertime. You can be active and get sun and it's just so happy!


boy bands

it's about time
we got a replacement for *nsync and the bsb.
 i've missed those days.
were they really as young as these guys?
you might be familiar with this song by them.
but i'm kinda diggin the one below.