I got into my program!
I almost didn't apply because they scared me (and a bunch of other girls) and made us think we wouldn't get in. But it turns out only so many people were even qualified and I was one of them!
So my program starts in the fall. I go for 2 more years (ugh) then up to a year long internship. Anywhere in the country. That I'm excited for.
It sucks that it's going to take longer than I want, but I really love it so it'll be worth it!


I was recently introduced to this band. And I love them.


beastly meets sixth sense

Last night, Lizzie and I went to see Beastly.
But first, we went to Olive Garden.
It was snowing for the 3rd day straight and I was wearing moccasins.
They were soaked in about 5 seconds.
Our waitress was extremely awkward.
She just stood there silently as she thought of something to say.
But atleast the food was good.

After Olive Garden we went to the 3 Dollar Theater and saw Beastly.
It was really good.
Total chick flick. There were about 3 men there.

Go see it.

After the movie we went to Village Inn for pie.
It wasn't the best.
But still fun.
We came home and decided to watch Sleepover. Classic.

That night after we went to bed, I found out that I have a sixth sense.
I was sound asleep.
I had a dream that a spider was falling down from the ceiling on it's web stuff.
It was almost to my face, so I jumped out of bed and screamed.
I turned on the light and realized it had just been a dream and there was no spider.
But wait, there was a spider on the side of my bed!
And it was kinda huge.
Ten seconds later it was dead on the bottom of Lizzie's shoe.
It was crazy.


talent show

My ward talent show was last week.
Lizzie and I played 'The Best Of Me' by The Starting Line.
And here it is: