my friend, jake, brought a whole new light to the alphabet song.

also, i'm having bloggers block. 
hence the lack of blogging.
but whatevs.


the bachelor

ben was so awkward this season. 
and courtney was a brat.
but ellen wasn't. i can't believe they never showed footage of her!
these videos are pretty dang hilarious. 
especially the second one.

pet peeves

1.  when people chew with their mouths open. 
2.  when i'm walking on the sidewalk and there's only one other person
around and they walk riiight behind me.
3.  people clicking their pens.
4.  cocky hipsters/men.
5.  when people place blame or point out what you did wrong when it's unnecessary.
6.  boys that are too awkward to get my number.
7.  when people say "let's hang out sometime". um, okay... when?
8.  when you walk past a person and they pretend not to know you.
9.  when people don't say 'thank you' when they should.
10. the term 'rest in peace'. dead people aren't resting!
11. when people wear skinny jeans with tennis shoes.
12. me monsters.
13. when people have a texting conversation in front of me 
when we're having a conversation.


i don't like you.

this morning i woke up infuriated.

this fury originated from last night, at a party. i was sitting down on the floor in the hallway talking to some people. this guy comes over and sits by me and we talk. i ask him his name, his major, where he lives, if he likes his roommates. we talk about his friends. he says something to my friend about not remembering her name. i ask, "are you bad with names?" (because i hate people that are 'bad with names'). he says, "no, i like to think i'm pretty good with names. but, i've reached my limit, so that in order for me to remember a new name, i have to push out an old name."

um, excuse me?

how arrogant does that sound.

we talk for 5 or 10 minutes, then he happily gets up and says, "i better get out of the way. people are stepping over me."

he didn't even ask me my name. it reminds me of that one time, here.

i know his whole life story. and he doesn't even know my name.

i don't like you, boy.



i've been going to the school gym a lot.

encounter 1.
me: 'hi, how are you?'
boy who scans my card to get into the gym scans my card, doesn't look at me, and mumbles something.

encounter 2.
me: 'hi, how are you?'
girl who scans my card to get into the gym scans my card, looks at me like, confused, and whispers 'hi'.

these people who scan my card to get into the school gym are, in fact, not middle schoolers. they're college students. i wish that adults could look someone in the eye when they are spoken to, and were polite enough to smile and say back, 'good, how are you?'

but, alas, people are retarded.

how did that girl who scanned my card ever get married? (she was in my ward last year)
how did that guy who scanned my card ever make friends? (i don't know that he actually has any, i'm just guessing)

people have no courtesy these days. all the people that work at the gym scanning cards do... is scan cards. and also sit on the computer and facebook.

what qualifies someone for such a job? you don't have to have any skills except knowing how to scan cards. so wouldn't you at least try to find someone who knows how to smile?

i can only imagine what their interviews are like.
interviewer: 'what's your name?'
interviewee: *looks down at his toes* 'jor......'
how did he get hired?

one day, when i'm feeling bold and brash, i'm going to ask the card scanner why they hate their job so much. and why they hate people.


that awkward moment...

when you realize you're the idiot who is in the
'15 items or less' aisle with 15 items
 or much, much more.