music & memories

So, I've been thinking about all the songs that remind me of different things that I've done or just old memories, and I thought I'd share a few.

Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
I listened to this song a TON in India. I always listened to it when I went to sleep. I was feeling a bit lonely for the first while I was there and for some reason this song just made me feel better.
Steps In My Fade - Love You Long Time
Two summers ago (2009), Megan and I were EFY counselors in Taylorsville together. We carpooled to and from everyday. We wanted to learn this whole song by the end of the week... and I'm pretty sure we did it much sooner. We listened to it most of the way there and back and sang along. It was so fun! It made us so freaking hyper, which was good. Cause EFY counselors are supposed to be crazy.
Mr. Right - A Rocket To The Moon
Reminds me of this summer. The music video makes it way better though, because the singer is oddly attractive. It also reminds me of Aleisha cause she was also in love with it and we talked about how attractive the singer is. I would get home from playing and doing summer frolicks and I'd go down in my room and blog and photoshop and facebook chat and listen to this song until wee hours of the night.
Counting Your Worries - The Continentals
One of my all time favorite songs. My band in high school, TeliFone Pole, was me, Erica, and Megan. Megan dated Erik for a while, who was also a drummer. He went through various bands and ended with this one; the best one. We all (all of our other band friends including Bradley, Trevor, Adam, Peter, and Josh) played shows together, went to each other's shows, and had open mics. I remember going The Continentals basement show at some rich house in Sojo. It was after our first pie party. Me, Erica, Megan, and Peter. They played this song in their set. I don't even know how to explain the feeling, but I seriously love this song so much. So everytime I listen to it I think of high school and all of my music friends and how we went to shows 3 times a week during the summer.
Red Lights and White Lines - Between The Trees
This song reminds me of two things. First: driving. In high school I loved it and I always listened to it while driving. Second: Warped Tour with Megan. This is kind of random because we didn't see them at Warped Tour. They were on the schedule and we looked at what time they were playing and were planning on seeing them, but somehow we missed it. Either we forgot or we just lost track of time, I can't remember. But we were both really bummed.


now that i'm here

I decided to make a video of a song I wrote in high school.
It's called "Now That I'm Here".
So, check it out if you please!