Kilby Court

Is an excellent place. And that's where Erica and I went on Friday the 14th night to see The Continentals play their last show with Erik, the drummer.

Before they started, we walked down the street and found a soggy couch, a wall of graffiti, and some tires.

When they were setting up, we pushed our way to the front because we are short. They played an excellent show and almost broke some instruments.

Then some balding guy named Danburry played. He was pretty good. He had free cd's, so Erica and I both got 3.

During this evening we found out some funny information:

Ben and the ticket/concessions girl are secretly in love.
Logan likes to get in touch with his feminine side.

Jordan hates it when I take pictures of him.

Erica can float.

We're pretty cool.


My Brother Got Himself Married

It's true. Her name is KateLyn. And his name is Andrew. And together they are A & K.

The day was Friday, April 30, 2010. It was a wet, snowy morning. Then it was a sunny, cold, windy afternoon. Which is all we ever could have hoped for.

Us girls got excellent purple bouquets. We also had purple shoes and stellar black dresses of our picking. Carlee, Lindsay, Mrs. Shirts (KateLyn's biological sister), and myself were the bridesmaids. And excellent ones we were.

The ceremony started at 3:00 pm. Lindsay and I, being unendowed individuals, could not attend the ceremony. Bummer? Yes. But, we had a party instead. We danced to some sweet tunes, including The Almost's "Free Fallin" (my selection) and Kesha's "Your Love Is My Drug" (Lindsay's selection). Very festive for a temple wedding, I'd say.

So we left at about 3:15. When we got to the waiting room of the temple, there were all of KateLyn's cousins and her little brother, Jeff, and little niece, Mikenzy. Did anyone say anything to us? No. They must not have realized that our brother was half of what was making this day possible. And if it weren't for his sisters, he wouldn't be the man he is today. Just saying.

So, after about 15 minutes, people started entering the waiting room with us. Uncle Mark came in first and hugged us. He's a pretty swell uncle. Then all the other uncles and aunts came in. Then Carlee, then the tears.

After a bit, we all went to the back of the temple and waited for A & K to come out. Grandma came out first in her wheelchair, waving to everyone and smiling. That was quite funny.

Then A & K came out.

We laughed, cried, hugged, took pictures, and then went to the front. This is where the professional pictures took place. Now this... this was fun. After 30+ minutes of snap shotting, we (Carlee, Lindsay, and I) left and went home for a moment to get some stuff for the dinner.

Then we headed over to the church and protected Andrew's car from being trashed. This took some work. Our own mother had conspired against us to do the dirty deed. She hid the car stickers next to Grandma, so I sneakily grabbed them and hid them. We then took his car and hid it around the corner. Aunt Lucille and Zach asked us if we knew the car and the decoration's whereabouts. Unfortunately, I was forced to fib. But, all for a good cause.

We had Tacanos Brazilian Grill cater for dinner. This was delightful. Then they cut the cake and left.

We succeeded at keeping Andrew's car safe. But when we returned to our house, KateLyn's car was graffitied. So, C & L took it and cleaned it up.
You guys (friends of the B & G) really got A & K!

The End