twenty twelve, the end.

this year went by ridiculously fast. it's insane!
these are some of my best times from this year...

recorded my own album.

got a puppy.
went to my first real fancy dress up party.

 i also learned to slalum ski, did lots of boating (starting in april... freeeezing), threw some pretty great parties, went to some more great concerts, and performed a few times at my school.
cheers to 2012.


christmas cheer

Christmas was very chill this year. On Christmas Eve we went out to dinner, read the Christmas story and other stories of Jesus, and drank some bubbly. We got matching Christmas pajamas, as usual.
 Andrew and KateLyn couldn't join us, unfortunately, so this was as good as we could get. They sent us nutcrackers of themselves! Andrew the Marine and KateLyn the school teacher. How festive!
 When we went to bed on Christmas Eve, I heard Santa filling up our stockings. He is punctual.
We had a lovely breakfast and dinner, skyped with A&K, exchanged gifts, and played games. It was the merriest of Christmases!



Yesterday the Jenkins clan went up to Grandma Pete's rest home and played some Christmas tunes for her and her friends.
Lin played her uke, I played the guitar, and we all played the piano.
They loved it. Grandma was so excited when Mom asked everyone to sing Silent Night.
They said come back anytime and we said okay!
Aunt Nette. Carlee. Kate. Grandma. Me. Lin. Mom.


temple square

A few weeks ago I went to Temple Square in Salt Lake to see the Christmas lights. It was a beaut. I went with Chaise, Chris, Lizzie, and Rich. A bunch of other people were coming too but when they saw the snow flurries in the canyon they turned around. We went through it. It was a bit scary but we made it safe and sound and it was all cleared up by the time we came back to Logan. We walked around Temple Square and it was perfect because with the Christmas lights and the snow, it was just so festive. I love Christmas time!



Last night I went to a Great Gatsby party at one of the frats (the mormon frat), SigEp.
 It was pretty stellar. I went with Chaise, Mark, Jaron, and Keaton.
My roommate, Katie, did my makeup all awesome and I did my hair, which I was totes proud of. I got that fur coat and a feather and got all dressed up. That was probably the best part
One day, I wanna live in the 20's and dress up all classy and go to fancy parties and drink mocktails with gentlemen in suits and vests.

At the party, there were tons of mocktails, which Mark and I had like ten each, and we tasted each others too. That's like twenty each.  As you can see we found it rather funny...


We danced for hours, not Gatsby style. 2012 style. 
And we even played a little blackjack! 
Here's some more pics for your viewing pleasure...


the after date text

dumbest thing ever, in my opinion.

why would you, after just saying goodnight and thanking your date for the lovely evening, ever text him minutes later saying,
"um, i'm not sure if you remember me saying thanks like five minutes ago... so, thanks again! i had such a great time! you are so charming!"
when you really did just say it to him... in person.

it's insulting, really.

cause now you're gonna be texting for a while, possibly. and texting is kinda lame. especially compared to a date, if it was a good'n.

it's especially weird when guys send the after date text.
"hi, i know i just thanked you at your door, but i wasn't sure if you heard me. thanks again for coming on this date with me, it wouldn't have been the same without you."

please, just let it be.