change is in the air

my life hasn't been too exciting as of late. i moved home last week and said goodbye to logan forever. or at least for a while. at least goodbye to living in logan. it was so sad. i love that place. but home is good. i love home too. in one week i move to twin falls, idaho. home of the two falls that are twins.

i'm actually getting kind of excited. i'll be working in a hospital for a few months, then in a dialysis clinic for a month. and when i say 'work' i mean, paying grundles of money to work/learn things. but it'll be cool. i'm starting to believe that i really did pick the right profession, contrary to my senioritis doubts. we'll see if i'm right at the end of the summer, though.


Rachie Roo

So, funny enough, this girl, Rachel, just posted a whole blog post about me. And I had one about her in my drafts cause she got murried. We really do think a like, I guess. But anyways... this is what I wrote about her....

One of my very best friends ever got married last week.

Rachel and I have been roommates for over a year and ever since I moved in with her we became fast friends. We're both pretty chill and easy to live with (I think I am...) so it was easy to share a room with her and we had the best pillow talks.

We used to play 'Marry, Makeout, Murder' or 'Do, Date, or Ditch' every night at pillow talk. We didn't like to 'murder' anyone, but we didn't like to 'do' anyone. So sometimes it ended up being 'Marry, Makeout, Ditch'. Here's how it works. For example, I would select three random men, preferably all men that Rachel either likes or doesn't like, so as to make it harder. Then the other one has to choose one to marry, one to makeout with, and one to ditch, not literally. It's quite entertaining.

We both are ridiculously punny and think we're ridiculously funny. It works out, because while we usually roll our eyes at the other, we secretly are laughing hysterically inside.

Rachel would do anything for me in a heartbeat. And she has many times! One time I was hanging out with my work friends and I wanted to leave ever so badly but I had gotten a ride with someone there. I would have been stuck there for hours. I texted Rachel and she drove like ten minutes to come get me! She listens to me talk about boys, even though it's ridiculous. And she is a great example of patience and being the bigger person (not literally). If someone is treating her bad, she is always nice to them. Sometimes it makes me angry because I just want her to smack them. But she's always the bigger person and I think that will get her far in life.

Rachel is younger than me, but she is much smarter and accomplished. She is super independent and she the mom of our house. She was the one who always remembered to take the garbage out on Tuesday nights. I did it once. One time. We would have been in big troubs without her.

I am so grateful I was lucky enough to become such good friends with that girl. The semester before I moved in with her, I lived with a bunch of weirdies. I hated living with them. I immediately started trying to sell my contract and showed my house countless times. Each time having to deep clean every room in the house because my roommates were disgustingly messy. I probably showed it 5-10 times and no one wanted it. By the time the semester ended I was horrified. I couldn't live there for another semester! I just wanted out of that house, and I really wanted out of that ward too. I just wanted new people. Well, I talked to my landlord and he let me switch houses because they had a vacancy in another house. Rachel lived there, and I was kind of worried because we'd known each other for a while, but we weren't really friends yet. And what if she didn't wanna room with me? But I had to get out of that other place. So I moved into her room. And like 3 days later we were besties. It was definitely a blessing that no one bought my contract, even though I was bitter back then. If it weren't for that.... oh dear!

I recently needed to get a printer and since she just got married and both her and Josh had one, she just gave me hers. I said, "Let me pay you," and she said, "No." Then I gave her the rest of my Cafe Rio salad a few days later and she said that would be my payment. What a steal of a deal!

Girl cannot make a normal face to save her life...



oh yeah, i graduated.

I graduated college on the 4th. I have a Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition, Dietetics, and Food Science. Wow, I sound smart. Not so. 

Mom, Dad, and the girls came up for my graduation. Andrew and KateLyn just moved to Oklahoma so they couldn't be there. 

Katie and I went to USU together for a couple years. So we had to get a pic of us sitting on our A's on the A.


The ceremony was only an hour, thank heavens! I got to wear the cutest outfit, as you can see!

Don't mind the blurryness...

The girls made me a hilarious candy gram for graduating....

College has been grand and I'm sad to leave it behind. But, sometimes, you just gotta.


so like, i guess i'm done with college?

It's over. Complete. I'm done. Finished. Graduated.

This year has proved to be the best of my college years. I've made the best of friends and I'm so sad it's over. Like, way sad.

Mark, Dallon, Jaron, Keaton, Katie, and Katherine were my favorites. We were all kind of a little group. A family, if you will. Half of them moved home for the summer. And I'm moving in a month. Goodbyes really are the worst.

Mark, Keaton, me, Kat, Katie, Jaron

These guys really are my favorites. I pretty much lived at the boys' house. It's way more fun there!

Top: Cody, Katie; Bottom: Mark, me, Dallon, Kat, Jaron
Let me tell you a little bit about them.

Katie. She has been a great roommate. She is NEVER in a bad mood. Even if she's mad about something, she never lets it ruin her day. She has some attitude and it cracks me up. She is that person that when you meet her, you become instant friends because she'll talk to anyone. Put her in a group of people she doesn't know, she'll be besties with them by the end of the night. She is a partier and is always having a good time, so people love being around her. She cracks me up and she really cares about her friends.

Mark. He is the best gentleman I know. Whenever I'm over there, even just hanging out with all the boys, he always walks me home. It really is the sweetest thing. When we go places, he always drives and picks me up and gets my door. I love being around him because he makes me laugh so much. We both have the same dorky humor and we're always just joking around and laughing. I don't know anyone that can make me laugh as much as he does! He's one of the people that I feel like I can tell pretty much anything to.

Dallon tells me how it is. He is super honest; sometimes too honest. But at least I know he's not lying or hiding something. At the same time, I am pretty blunt with him. I scold him sometimes and he scolds me. Dallon is the best listener. I can tell him anything and he listens. We sing together and even though we have completely different singing styles, we have fun and sound pretty good together. He calls me Emelia and I respond like it's my own name to anyone who says it.

Jaron. He is way sincere and cares so much about people. He's the biggest goof I know but can be serious if he needs to. He is hilarious and we always have lots of fun. Whenever I walk in to his house or get a call from him I can expect, "Hey hooker!" from him. He calls me Em Job, and I kinda like it.

Keaton is the cockiest kid I know, but I still gotta love him. We've had some deep talks, mostly about his love life. I love just hangin out and chatting with him. He sometimes asks me girl advice, and I love giving girl advice. I feel like I can be pretty blunt with this kid. So, sorry not sorry Keat.

Katherine. She is the nicest person alive. She'll be friends with anyone and she's super friendly to everyone. We pretty much became instant friends the first time we really talked. I love people like that! Katherine is that girl that no one can really hate, because she's too nice to everyone. She says whatever she's thinking to anyone. No sugar coating. It cracks me up.

So you see, my friends are great. I love them all! This week has been one of the funnest ever because we've hung out everyday. We laid out on the boys' roof, I ate out with some of them seven times this week. We had some sleepovers, watched movies, had a fire, and had tonz of funz.

I have definitely been blessed with great friends this year!