Yesterday at church, I met a girl in my ward. She shook my hand as we introduced ourselves. Correction, she put her hand out, I grabbed it and shaked, and she dead fished it.

Shaking another girl's hand really is a horrible thing. Girls don't know how to give a proper handshake! Like, just get a firm grip and shake. It's fairly easy. I was at my cousin's wedding last week and I had never met his new wife, but I just gave her a hug. It's just not worth the dead fish. But, I guess the trade off is a dead fish hug, which was what was given.

Anyway, isn't it like a universal unwritten rule that girls don't shake girl's hands?! I thought it was. Many a time have I met a group of people, guys and girls, where I shake a guy's hand but not the girl's. It's just a thing.

I remember one time in college I was at the gym with this guy I had a mad crush on and was really good friends with. We ran into this other girl who also had a mad crush on him. I didn't like her, for obvious reasons. She acted like she didn't know my name or who I was, even though I lived next door. She gave me a handshake and I disliked her even more.

Girls don't shake girl's hands. This unwritten rule has now been written.

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