betrayal #2

a few weeks ago, my friend (who we'll call S) and i were excited to fly to pdx for a week of fun in the northwest. we landed, rented a car, drove over the columbia to vancouver and played bunco with betty, my second mom, and her friends. the next morning we hiked multnomah falls and climbed over log piles and through frigid waters to reach oneonta falls. it was awesome. when we were on our way to get ice cream at none other than salt 'n straw, in portland, she told me that her old 'boyfriend', C, wanted to see her. (they hadn't seen each other in over a year). he asked if we could double. i said f to the etch no, because i didn't want to hang out with a bunch of 20 year old boys, thanks. she was all frustrated at me, but sorry, that was never in our plan! i was already unimpressed with C. he was manipulative and his instagram photos showed much profane language and flipping of the bird. he told S to come over by herself then. he, of course, couldn't meet her somewhere or pick her up because he doesn't have a car. classy. we went to dinner and i got a PB burger (awwww yeah) and S asked if i could take her 30 minutes away to see C. i said that was unfair of her to ask that of me. she was ditching me on our vacation! we visited our old friend from the 'couve and S threw a bit of a fit, crying, and telling me that she never does things for herself, she only does things for other people and she just wants this one thing! i couldn't believe my ears, frankly.

the next day, to keep the peace, on our way back from the ape caves, i dropped her off at C's. C told her, "sure, come hang." he was upset at her for not coming over last night. he really is quite the classy man, as you no doubt can and will continue to see. luckily it was only 10 minutes from where we were staying. i told her i'd plan on about 2 hours and she said she'd text me. well, three hours went by without having heard back from her, so i went to portland with my friends; to the temple, dinner, and waffle window. it was a superb night.

S texted me as we were driving to portland telling me she was so sorry! i told her we'd come get her around 10:00. at 10:20, i texted her asking for C's address and telling her we were on our way.
"can you give me a few minutes?"
"no, we're almost there."
"can you pick me up in the morning?"
"ummmm no. we'll be there in a minute."
"i'll get a ride in the morning."
i then phoned her and told her it was trashy for her to sleep over at C's house. I could hear C in the background mocking me saying, "that's trashy!" S told me she was actually at target, and not at C's house at all! what. the. freak. could you not have told me that when i told you we were on our way.
i then told her 'whatever' and hung up on her.

i didn't hear from her until 4:30 the next day after i had attended our friend's homecoming solo and walked around lacamas lake solo, all of which were plans we had made together. i was seriously chapped, so i changed my flight and flew out that night.

she texted me at 4:30 telling me she was at dinner with her aunt. then she said all chipper, "hey! do you want me to bring you back dessert?!" as if dessert would make me forget her ditching me for over 24 hours on a trip we had planned together. i said, "nope! i'm at the airport! laterz!"

she said she was sorry for how things turned out. she never apologized for her actions and still hasn't. talk about a major back stabbing on a trip that was supposed to be the best trip everrrr.

i do seem to choose quality friends, ya know?

ps, this is actually a completely true story. it's not even exaggerated in the least. so, gotta love my lyphe.

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  1. I'm sorry that happened. ): But I admire 2 things you can so easily do: 1. tell people "f to the etch no," aka, tell people what you think when they are being lame (I 100% struggle with that and it's horrible), and 2. word things so hilariously.