the lid.

why don't people shut the toilet lid after using it?

i know boys don't like to even put the seat down, let alone the lid. for example, my brother. every time he comes to visit, he leaves the seat up. mostly on purpose to get us girls all riled up. but i'm not asking more of men than of women. i think EVERYONE should put the lid down. 
seal that toilet up, if you will.

there are plenty of reasons for this logic. it does seem to be logic applicable to my family only, as i have had many roommates over the years who don't understand/apply it. many toilet lids have been left up over the years and it is not pleasing unto my nose/eyes.

reasons to put the toilet lid down:

1. it's totally unsanitary to leave it open! why would you leave something like that wide open, for all the germs to escape?! most people don't clean their toilet after every use, so.

2. it seals in smells. many a roommate has left the lid up, put the bathroom fan on, and left on their jolly way. little did they know that they could accelerate the diminishing of that smell by, gee golly, closing the toilet lid. how does nobody understand that? close the lid, trap the smell, save a nose.

3. it's like a black hole. the bathroom is full of so many items. makeup, blow dryer, bobby pins, your phone, toothbrush, etc. if you drop something in an open toilet whilst getting ready, it's gone. goodbye. farewell. either that or you have to reach your hand in and retrieve whatever you dropped. i daresay that's just as bad. your relationship with that item is either over or forever changed. 

4. it looks nicer when it's closed. when you walk into a bathroom that has the toilet seat up, it looks sloppy. am i right ladies? just the same, when the toilet lid is up, it looks sloppy. it's not aesthetically pleasing. it looks like something that is open should be closed. almost like someone forgot something. as if someone forgot to put the lid down.

so there you go. four reasons to close the toilet lid. as if you needed more than one.

this is an issue! this is an outrage! this is something that needs to be talked about!

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  1. Ahahaha, AMEN to #3! I cannot count the number of things that I've seen take swan dives into an open toilet bowl!