some crazy

There's a crazy in my ward. Actually, there's many. However, there is one crazy in particular that I wish to speak of. I wish I could say his name, because that would only add to my point. But for my own personal safety, I won't.

Crazy was the first person to greet me in my new ward. Crazy asked me out, acquired my number, and invited me to a bbq. I went to the bbq and he seriously was like my shadow. 

He. would. not. leave. my. side.

I told him later that I didn't want to go out with him and that he made me extremely uncomfortable at the bbq. I confided in my roommates and they said to steer clear.

I ignored him for a while. He took a little breaksy from me (still texting me weekly) and bothered other girls. But then he struck again. At a ward softball game he sat WAY too close. I told him to scoot over. I needed my personal space. I also told him, after him giving me 7-8 hugs at FHE one night, that I would now be enforcing a one-hug-a-night limit. He said that he needed to give me one more hug because I would be out of town. I said, "H no," and I'm pretty sure my ward saw it all. 

He asked me who I was texting. "You probably text other boys a lot, don't you? You never text me back." 

Yep, you're right.

"We should do something. I have Taylor Swift tickets..."
"I don't care for her."
"We should go to Lagoon."
"I work."
"What about Wednesday? We should do something."
"I have institute."
"Let's do something after institute!"
"I have plans."
"Fine, but we have to so something soon."
"Crazy, I don't want to go out with you."
"You went out with THAT guy..." (Referring to another guy in the ward).

I didn't really say that last part, but c'mon! 

The one thing that brings me comfort, but also doesn't, is that he does this to every new girl. I always feel so bad when I see his new victim. Some aren't as strong and he gets them. I've honestly never seen anything like it. It's like, um, no.

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