betrayal #1

so i had this friend, a best friend, if you will. or so i thought. we were super tight for years in college and still fairly close after i expired from my college days.

three years ago, i found out that my little sister had cancer (hodgekins lymphoma). i told this friend, we'll call her L. i told her one summer night after she had cried to me about a boy not liking her who she thought she had been dating for three weeks. turns out they never even dated. she sympathized with me. not two weeks later, she dropped the horrible news of her mother having breast cancer. as weeks went by, i asked about her mom. L said she didn't know because her mom didn't tell her anything. her mom didn't want anyone to know and didn't want L to be sad. (interesting). she claimed that her mom was doing very bad and feared that she was going to die. she would tell me these things at very inconvenient times for me, when i couldn't hang out with L or when i had a test to study for. she would show up at my house and demand to speak to me privately. i started to disbelieve what she was telling me. she'd come over to my house acting all sad about her mom. she called me out once for not sympathizing and not even caring! i could sense some manipulation.

as time went on, my sister started growing a touch of hair. she had a wig and L's mom finished treatments about the same time. L posted pictures with her mom and i knew it wasn't a wig! i asked her about it and she said it was a wig. a while later, another picture was posted. i asked L about it and said she had extensions and a wig. i knew this to be false but it was just such a huge accusation! but alas, i decided i was sure enough that she had made it all up and asked her if she had ever lied to me about her mom.
her response, "dude, what the heck?"
"just tell me."

the next day she had blocked me and my sisters all from all social media. what a confession!
i texted her and told her i couldn't believe she would lie about something so huge. ESPECIALLY to someone who has a family member going through that. she told me to 'feel free' to delete her number.

coward is a word that comes to mind.

and that is the very true story of how my 'friend' lied to me for years about her mother having cancer.

oh, and last week i was in an instute class. a bunch of girls came in late and sat in the back. a while later, i looked back to see who was talking. and down the row was L herself! we made eye contact, and she immediately looked away. not ten minutes later, she was gone. this is just a hunch, but i'm betting she felt quite uncomfortable in my presence, knowing that she lied a horrific lie and never owned up.

just fyi, i'm not particularly bitter about this incident. although, it is very difficult to forgive someone who isn't sorry in the least. but it's just such a cray story, i had to finally write about it. obviously, very condensed.

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