the eldest

carlee is my oldest sister. and sibling. the oldest of five kids. as such, her responsibilities are many. she is the protective one, she will scold you if you do something not very good, she will console you when you cry, and she will listen to your incredibly long boring stories. somehow, being the oldest gives you patience for that sort of stuff.

carlee and i are very different in some ways. but very similar in others. i usually get advice from her, and even though she's always right, i don't always do what she suggests. and sometimes i get bitten in the butt for it. but what can ya do?

that sister of mine is six feet tall with long slender legs that i envy and a pretty face. my legs are short and stubby. we have both agreed that i could take two inches from her and we'd both be happy. then i'd be 5'8" and she'd be 5'10". everybody wins, men included.

my favorite thing about her is that when i'm having a hard time or need someone to cry to, she will always listen no matter how long i cry to her for. also, we can talk/facetime for a very long time just because we don't want to get off. it's just a thing.

like all of my siblings, carlee is very motivated (i'm the least motivated of the fam). she has a masters degree, went on a mission, goes to the temple weekly, and finds ways to be productive all the days. this is very unlike me. i always have good intentions to be productive. but i end of facebooking or playing my guitar.

carlee, lindsay, me

carlee, like all of my family, is a travel junkie. however, since no one else can really afford to travel, carlee does it for us. this year alone she already went to china, korea, and has two more trips planned across the states! holy!

carlee is extremely stylish. not a day goes by that she isn't wearing excellent pants. and pants are the most important part of one's outfit, am i right? always.

i don't know where i'd be without her! haha, jk. i'd be in a carlee-less world. and that world would be dark.

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  1. Why Emily, aren't you a little sweetheart. This was a fun little read. I think you're just as swell as well! I've thought about doing individual sibling posts (which I'm guess is what this post is the beginning of), but haven't gotten 'round to it. Perhaps you will be my inspiration??